Answer this question in honesty. Have you been using the same black eyeliner since you were in high school? If you just nodded yes to yourself, it’s time for a change. Your green eyes deserve to shine bright, so why not let them? Did you know that only two percent of the world’s population has green eyes? That means you’re truly special. Therefore, it’s time to flaunt what nature gave you. Here are the top six best eyeliner colors for green eyes.

1. MAC Powerpoint Eye Pencil, Shade Bordeauxline

best eyeliner colors for green eyes plum MAC powerpoint

You cannot possibly go wrong with plum, just as you cannot possibly go wrong with MAC. While we do love what lilac, lavender, and orchid do for green eyes as well, we absolutely fangirl over the romance between plum and green. The cold, mossy shade of the eye is enveloped in the velvety touch of the plum. Use the MAC eyeliner in Bordeuxline for maximum effect.

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2. NARS Eyeliner Larger Than Life, Via Appia Copper Shade

best eyeliner colors for green eyes copper NARS larger than life

This creamy eyeliner that NARS put forward will definitely get your motors running. It’s a deep copper shade that will warm up the green in your eyes and make them appear bigger. The name of the shade means the Appian Way in Italian, one of the most famous ancient roads. Caution, though, this eyeliner line causes addiction. They also have shades called Via Veneto and Rue Bonaparte.

Nars Larger Than Life Long-wear Eyeliner - Via Appia By Nars for Women - Copper brown , 0.02 Oz...
  • Stays on throughout the day
  • Eyes achieved a rich, intense color
  • Easy to apply

3.  Smoky Eyes Powder Pencil by Elizabeth Arden in Espresso

best eyeliner colors for green eyes elizanbeth arden espresso

Say no to black but say yes to deep brown. Espresso, to be more precise. This particular one is awesome because of its build. One end has the actual pencil while the other has a smudging brush for a sexy, sultry look. FYI – this exact brand and shade was Marilyn Monroe’s favorite. Now you know.

Elizabeth Arden Beautiful Color Smoky Eyes Pencil, Black
  • Long wearing
  • Rich color defines eyes
  • Smudge tip creates a smoky look

4. Beauty Highliner Gel Eye Crayon Eyeliner by Marc Jacobs in Mari(Gold)

best eyeliner colors for green eyes Marc Jacobs marigold

You might think this is a bold choice, and it is. But when you see what it actually does for your green eyes you won’t go back to your old, black one. The gold of the eyeliner sets the green in the eyes ablaze by catching the natural golden flecks inside and highlighting them. Your eyes will seem illuminated from inside.

5. Yves Saint Laurent Dessin du Regard Eye Pencil in Shimmering Burgundy

best eyeliner colors for green eyes YSL burgundy

An eyeliner made by Yves Saint Laurent? Where do we sign up, please? It belongs to the Dessin du regard collection and the shade we recommend, as far as the best eyeliner colors for green eyes go, is number five, Shimmering Burgundy. The logic is simple here. We have to go back to the color chart. Green’s contrasting color is red. You don’t actually have to wear red, but something that has a red undertone, such as burgundy. Voila, as the French would say!

6. Guerlain’s Amber Silver Eye Pencil

best eyeliner colors for green eyes guerlain amber silver

Leave it to Guerlain to truly give you the best of both worlds. Here you have a silver, creamy eye pencil that promises all the magic that gray and green combined can do. However, this particular Guerlain combination also has an amber tone, which renders it almost taupe, with a metallic finish. The result is absolutely magnificent, with the product building amazingly opaque on your green eyes and lasting up to eight hours. Guerlain… you’ve done it again!

Here are our six choices for the best eyeliner colors for green eyes. You have everything, from taupe to silver to burgundy, to gold and plum. Apart from that, the brands are entire to die for. Write to us in the comment section below to let us know which one you would like to add to your makeup collection right now.

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