2016 was an incredible year for beauty and fashion, with trends drawing from cultures all around the world. From celebrities like Kim and Kourtney Kardashian to Adriana Lima and Nina Dobrev, to Instagram, Pinterest, and Tumblr teens and influencers, women (and men!) across the globe introduced new and innovative ways to think about beauty this year.

To celebrate the end of this particularly beautiful and stylish year, we’ve rounded up 50 top beauty tips from the best in the business. We set our sights on the entire global community when putting these tips together, drawing from the best and the brightest from all over the world. Here, you’ll find tips for your best skin, hair, nails, and more! Read on to discover our 50 beauty tips, and pick out a few of your favorite secrets to try now that 2017 is rolling around.


1. Look to natural and homemade moisturizers for your face and hair.


You don’t need to shell out tons of money to score the very best moisturizers. In fact, you can find some of the best options right in your own home! Coconut oil and totkay, for starters, are wonderful moisturizers that won’t leave your hair and skin too oily. They can also remove makeup, even stubborn waterproof mascara. Why shell out for expensive brands when you may already have the solution on hand?


2. Follow beauty influencers from around the world.


There are some fantastic beauty blogs written by Indian, Pakistani, African, Japanese, and Korean women, just to name a few! Why limit yourself to your own country when learning about all the best beauty tips the world has to offer? There are amazing resources out there across the world. Where else are you likely to find top beauty tips about zubaida tariq, we ask you?

3. Check out some sources in Urdu, Hindi, French, Telugu and Tamil, among others.


To piggyback off our last tip, don’t let the fact that a blog is written in a different language intimidate you. Most websites are easy to translate these days, and even have translation options for their text and videos. There are no limits to beauty! With a few simple tweaks, you can be getting beauty wisdom in any language you please.


4. Find makeup that really gets your skin glowing.


Enhance your complexion with mineral rich makeups that won’t strip your skin of its natural glow. Look to artists like Taylor Swift and Christie Brinkley to see all that glowing, fresh skin can be! It’s easier than you’d think to find makeup that won’t harm your skin. Why not find makeup that makes your skin healthier even as it adds to your style?


5. Try simple whitening techniques to care for your teeth.


Don’t neglect your tooth health while you’re getting your beauty routine together for 2017—that would be a real beginners mistake! It’s easy to get your teeth pearly white in no time. Ask your dentist about safe whitening strategies if you want to give your teeth a boost. There are options from white strips to laser technology you can avail yourself of these days!


6. Look to teenagers for skin remedies to get rid of pimples.


Use some tried and tested acne tricks perfected by teens and tweens—you’d be amazed how much wisdom they have on the subject. It’s common for adults to experience acne now and then, but it’s easy enough to remedy when you have a few good products on standby. Even old home remedies can do the trick when store-bought products fall short. Teenage skin is so tricky so they’ve tried lots of things to get rid of pimple. Who would’ve thought a teenager would have the best womens skin advice!


7. Scour the wedding blogs for excellent tricks.


Brides aren’t the only ones who need beauty tips, after all. Why not hop on some of the more popular bridal sites to see what the newest scoop is? Bridal blogs and magazines are always up to date on the best beauty trends of the year, so why not share in that wealth of knowledge? Just because you’re not walking down the aisle doesn’t mean you should scrimp on style! Even ministers may have tips on what worked for other brides!


8. Know your season and play with it!


Whether you’re a winter, autumn, or a summer, there’s plenty of room to play within your own season. Try looking to other seasonal beauties like Jennifer Lopez (J Lo), Sofia Vergara, Gwen Stefani, and Candice Swanepoel for inspiration! This can really bring your style to a while new level while coordinating your efforts day-to-day.


9. Don’t be afraid to play with black and brown nails, eye shadow, and even lipstick.


It may sound weird, but incorporating some black and brown colour into your beauty regimen can be just the ticket for a style makeover! Dark colors can really make your whole look pop, and you’re sure to be considered cutting edge with this awesome fashion choice. These hues are especially striking in winter, do don’t wait to try them out!


10. Pageant girls have the best hair solutions.


From the best dry shampoos to top notch hair sprays, girls who do pageants are famous for having the best hair tips. Check out some of their blogs to score some pageant girl know how. Even if you’re not trying to walk down the red carpet any time soon, you can still snag some know-how from the girls who do it best. These girls are constantly up on the hairs trends so go to them to get all the new hair secrets.


11. Look into ways to keep your fair skin healthy.


Pale skin has its own needs, which fair celebrities like Cindy Crawford, Elizabeth Banks, and Jennifer Aniston would be the first to tell you. Time to pack that sunscreen and stay wrinkle free naturally! Fairness require its own beauty routine, as you surely know if you yourself have fair skin. With a little extra effort you can make that fair skin look fantastic for years to come.


12. Don’t be afraid to emphasize those eyes.


Bright colors won’t necessarily make you look washed out, even if that’s what common wisdom might tell you. You can complement your own eye color with hues that bring out the best in your complexion. Experiment with a few different colors to see which surprising hue works for you. You might be surprised by the results!


13. Dry skin doesn’t have to be a life sentence.


Winters can be rough on the skin, but it’s easy to remedy dryness. No reason to let the cold get the best of your skin routine. If you’re diligent about keep your skin clean and moisturized during the cold winter months, there’s no reason you should experience dry skin.


14. Don’t neglect those feet!


It may seem like a minor consideration, but your feet deserve some love too. Whether you want to spring for a pedicure or use a pumice stone to address dry skin, there are lots of little ways to show your feet some love. Don’t ignore them just because they happen to be out of sight!


15. Redheads beware of which shampoo you use.


You may want to steer clear of normal hair products if you’re look to preserve your red locks. Whether you’re a natural redhead or you dye your hair, it’s important to choose the right products to keep your color locked in. Why let that lovely color go to waste, after all?


16. Older women know what’s up when it comes to fashion.


Women 60 and older are style icons in their own right. If 30 is flirty, then 60 is sexy! Try borrowing the classic silhouettes that were popular in your mother’s—and even your grandmother’s—day. It can add a fun vintage twist to your look in no time. Check out the Best Over 40 Makeup Trends.


17. Need to get ready in a hurry? Ask a woman with kids!


Children will definitely make you figure out a quick makeup routine in a hurry. Just look at celebrity moms like Angelina Jolie, Blake Lively, Miranda Kerr, Megan Fox and Jessica Alba for proof of that! Being a mom might make you simplify your routine, but that can be a blessing in disguise!


18. Keep your beach tresses all year long.


A pre heat treatment like sea salt spray can have you looking like an all American beach babe in no time flat! Just spray from the roots of your hair to your tips for awesome volume and texture that will have you feeling fabulous all year long, whether or not you’ve been to the shore. A little sea salt spray goes a long way, and is a great addition to your beauty arsenal.


19. Over 40 or 50? Don’t feel like you can’t be bold!


Does the name Cindy Crawford mean anything to you? You can still be a fox over forty, and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. More than ever, women in their 40s and 50s are pioneers in the work force and in fashion. Us younger women would do well to follow their lead! Check out the Best Over 40 Makeup Trends.

20. Look to some vintage inspiration.


Classic beauty icons like Audrey Hepburn, Sophia Loren, and Marilyn Monroe knew exactly what they were doing when it came to style and beauty. Take a trip into the past and try out some vintage beauty techniques for yourself. It’s an easy way to add glamour to your look, and you’re sure to strike a timeless chord with these influences.


21. Youtube tutorial videos are a godsend.


Just queue up a video and learn from the best! Youtube is absolutely chock full of makeup and hair tutorials that will show you how to achieve some great new looks. These step by step instructional videos are great educational tools for beginners and experts alike.


22. Curly hair? Don’t despair!


You may have to go out of your way to find your favorite products, but there are companies dedicated to matching you with the right shampoos and conditioners. No matter how curly or wavy your hair happens to be, there’s a product out there that will make all the difference in your beauty routine.


23. Eyebrows are your new best accessory.


Bold eyebrows are back in a big way, perhaps more than ever before. It may take a little practice to figure out how to style your eyebrows, but it will be well worth the effort. Bold brows can tie your entire look together in no time flat.


24. Tanned or not, keep that summer glow.


Pale skin is fine and all, but a nice bronzer can keep you looking tan and toasty all year long. Why give up that sun kissed look just because winter has rolled around? There’s no need when a dash of bronzer can make all the difference.


25. The easiest way to get shining, amazing hair is simpler than you’d think.


Deep conditioning is the ticket when it comes to great hair. You can treat yourself to this excellent treatment at home or at the salon. There are many different varieties of deep conditioning to choose from—it all depends on what type of hair you have.


26. Pregnant ladies have all the best cures.


Pregnancy comes with its own unique set of beauty challenges, but it also comes with the best solutions, too! From creams to deal with stretch marks across your middle and how to get silky hands and hair, nobody knows how to come up with solutions like these ladies.

27. Just call Pinterest tip.com!


Everyone has her own way of rounding up beauty tips, but if you ever need fresh inspiration, just hop on Pinterest! You can find just about every style of makeup under the sun, and plenty of how-to tutorials to boot. Whether you’re looking for ideas to complement the look you already have or want to try something entirely new, Pinterest is the ticket!


28. Borrow some trends from the college crowd.


School may be about learning and studying, but it’s about style, too! Keep an eye on those late teen trend setters for ideas. College campuses are chock full of trendsetting youngsters unafraid to try new things. We’d do well to take a page out of their books!


29. Be your own makeup artist.


Don’t spend money on professional services. Learn how to do your own special occasion makeup instead! It’s easier than you might think to learn new makeup skills that will take the anxiety out of getting ready for a special night out. Also look into DIY Makeup! Natural ingredients can save you money and be kinder on your skin.


30. How to get flawless skin, even if it’s sensitive.


Ah, to be back in our younger years, when great skin was easy. Age can really take a toll on one’s skin, but there are plenty of quality sensitive skin products to choose from these days. Select an overnight, wrinkle fighting brand for extra benefits.


31. Beauti and Apa are your new best friends.


These retailers has everything you need to look incredible all through the new year. They may not be the best known brands in America, but they are trusted throughout the rest of the world. Try something new and give these excellent retailers a try in the new year.

32. Long or short, it’s healthy hair that’s important.


Whatever the latest hair trend may be, it’s important to keep your locks healthy. Whether you’re rocking a pixie cut or growing your hair extra long, conditioning and heat protection are key. Luckily, you can use the same products no matter what the length—so experiment away!


33. Steal from the boys.


Why should what the guys are doing be off limits? Some of the best face and hair products are marketed toward men, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy them, too. Wander down the men’s aisle to see what else is out there.

34. Mens wear is for you, too!


Just because something was made for a man, doesn’t men you can’t put it to use! Don’t be afraid to incorporate male styles into your own look. You might find that your next favorite piece of clothing was originally designed for a guy!


35. Scoop up all those free offers when you can.


There are always new products available for free trials if you know where to look! With a careful eye, you can find these deals at just about any time of the year—but around they holidays, they’re especially plentiful.

36. Finds looks that can go from day till night.


Makeup looks that can last all day are a great time saver. Use a simple base for the day while you’re at the office, then swipe on some extra bold layers and you’ll be ready to go! Try layering on a red lip or smoky eye for an easy transformation.


37. Set your daily beauty routine.


This way, you won’t have to rush around during the already busy parts of your day. A few standby techniques are all you need to create a signature look all your own. Save precious time as you’re getting ready for the day by nailing down a few key elements of your style beforehand.


38. Don’t be afraid of a do over.


It may take a few tries to nail your makeup look. Think about all the different shapes faces come in—from round to heart shaped to oval. Start with figuring out your own face shape and go from there. It can make all the difference!


39. Fall in love with florals.


Florals aren’t just for spring anymore! You can play with this fun fashion trend any time of the year for a surprising twist on an old favorite. Why not roll out a floral dress for the holidays and keep everyone on their toes this year?

40. Red lips are just the beginning.


Finding the right lip color has never been more fun. Brands like MAC and NARS have countless colors to choose from, so why not be a little creative with your lip color? Deep purples, oranges, and even black shades are all the rage this year!


41. What made your skin clear to begin with?


The latest trends are all well and good, but try revisiting simple solutions like soap and water if your skin is fatigued. Your skin might need a little break from products, but it’s sure to bounce back with a little TLC.

42. Try going without makeup for a spell.


We know, it sounds crazy. But giving your skin a break can be just the ticket sometimes. Treat yourself to a facial instead, or some deep pore cleaning. You’ll be glad you did! Hitting the reset button can be a good idea once in a while to shake up your routine.

43. Use everyday household items in your beauty routine.


Believe it or not, common items like Vaseline and baking soda can make awesome DIY beauty agents. Get your hands on these and other easy to find items for a quick, simple beauty remedy. Who knew looking through your kitchen cupboard could be a beauty hack?

44. Look to Ayurvedic and herbal traditions for idea from nature.


Need a new treatment? Look to Shahnaz Hussain, a retailer of Ayurvedic and herbal beauty supplies. These north and south Asian products could be your new best friends. You never know what other cultures have to offer until you do some research!

45. Don’t let travel interfere with your style.


Hectic travel can leave even the most glamorous fashionista feeling homely. That’s why it’s important to simplify and streamline your beauty strategy when you hit the road. A little effort goes a long way on busy days of flying, driving, and hustling.


46. Hair growth isn’t as hard as it seems.


Even for beginners, growing out your hair doesn’t have to be a slog. Some jojoba or other plant oil can really speed up the process. Getting the right vitamins and minerals is all you need to set yourself on the path to long, healthy hair.


47. Check out the kids aisle.


Seriously! You can find some of the exact same products at a steep discount in the kids section. This is also a great idea for people with particularly sensitive skin. Products geared for kids are often a lot less harsh than what they make for adults.


48. Dr Oz actually knows his stuff.


This Oprah favorite has some great ideas about improving your beauty routine with the latest medical breakthroughs. Check out his website to learn more! If it’s good enough for Oprah, it’s good enough for us.


49. Eating green will do wonders for your skin.


Don’t underestimate what some kale in a blender can do for your complexion. A plant-based diet is a key to healthy hair, skin, and nails. Just call it your www.natural beauty solution. Outer beauty begins with what we put into our bodies first, after all. So changing your diet might be just the thing to kickstart your 2017 beauty goals.


50. Just say no to following the rules.


Every women’s magazine out there has its own rules for beauty. But the most important thing is finding out what works best for you. Whether you prefer vintage styles, modern glamor, and something in between, whatever makes you feel happy and confident is going to be the best option for you!


Whether you just need a quick fix to refresh your beauty routine, or you’re looking for a major style overhaul, this list of top beauty tips is an excellent place to start when it comes to approaching your beauty habits in the new year! Consider trying something new once 2017 rolls around. The new year is a wonderful time to pamper the new you!