The Internet is for many things and one of its greatest feats is making certain things accessible even to people with extremely cluttered schedules. For this reason, online weight loss programs have taken flight and they’ve become fantastic alternatives for the busy working individual who simply doesn’t have time to sneak in nutritionist appointments. If you’re one of these people, effective weight loss is now available even to you curtsy of programs such as the ones you’re about to discover below.

Top 5 Online Weight Loss Programs for Busy People


From the moment you sign up for this program, you face an extensive questionnaire that helps tailor a diet plan according to your health and even personality traits. The thing that truly stands out most about this website, however, is the social factor. Users can get in touch with expert doctors at any time to address questions. It also hosts weekly live chats with expert and promotes a buddy system that partners you with other dieters for extra motivation.

Cost: $40/month, $140/year

Visit the website here.

#2 Michelle Bridges’ 12 Week Body Transformation (12WBT)

Four times a year, people interested in developing a detailed eating and fitness plan that is accordingly pliable to their schedules gather for Michelle Bridges’ 12-week-long program, which offers:

  • weekly “mindset” videos;
  • live chat sessions with Michelle Bridges;
  • access to forums and social media;
  • pre-season tasks before the challenge;
  • progress trackers;
  • weekly weigh-ins;
  • calorie counters and group events.

Cost: $199 for 12-week plan

Visit the website here.

#3 SparkPeople

Before we dive into anything else, one instant white ball for SparkPeople is the pricing: it’s nonexistent. Meaning, the services are all free and they all come at an impressive quality too. They have a weight loss program structured in four stages to help users ease into the difficult adjustment processes. Something that might turn some people off is the sometimes odd choice in meal plans. But given the price (or lack thereof), it’s a good place to start, especially if it’s your first time with these programs.

Cost: Free

Visit the website here.

#4 Weight Watchers Online

The online Weight Watchers platform is something you should give a shot if you’d like to be mindful of calories but you’re not really fond of calculating them. This program uses a system of points, which they allocate to various meals. Every user receives a number of daily points according to their status, health, and other factors, helping you “spend” these points properly.

Cost: $33.00 per month

Visit the website here.

#5 South Beach Diet

Created by a well-intended doctor, this platform is last but definitely not least. It has many sections, including grocery planners and recipe archives. Perhaps the best thing is the plan’s structure: you get restrictions the first two weeks and then you slowly get accustomed to it as a lifestyle. You’ll also find deserts and snacks included in the meal plans!

Cost: $65 for 13 weeks

Visit the website here.

Wrapping Up

Ready to get your body right where you want? From now on, save time with these online weight loss programs.