We’re diving right into the holiday season and our nails are coming along for the ride. Whether you are into solid polishes or more adventurous designs, part of your holiday prep might be having a fantastic new manicure to wow your girlfriends with.

Nail trends, pretty much like fashion trends, come and go with each passing season and with Christmas almost on us, these latest nail polish trends are so merry and festive, it almost hurts not to try it out!

Metallic and Shimmery

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The metallic hues and chrome finishes give a fun and elevated look to the wearer, lending your nails that extra posh style without having it go overboard. Just to clarify, we’re not talking about glitter – the good thing about it too is that unlike glitter, this is easier to take off.

The shimmery finish can come in iridescent colors that give nails a frosted and diffused shine. It’s understated but classy and what’s also great about it is that it can dress up any color you want. It gives extra depth to black or other dark colors; it can also help tone down brighter colors if you don’t want your nails to be particularly screaming fire engine red.

A favourite style is also adding a shimmer to muted pastels and nudes for an edgier and more chic look.


Color Changing Nail Polish

This nail polish trend can be utterly fascinating to watch – it is nail polish that can change its colors based on temperature and body heat.

Whether you’re up and out relaxing in the sun and want to show off a sort of nail polish magic trick or having coffee with a friend and trying to keep your hands and fingers warm, these nail polish colors can change in an instant. Bring it back in to the cold, and it goes back to the first color. These polishes come in all kinds of formula – gel, acrylic, metallic and glitter – so you can definitely try all sorts and have fun with it.


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On the other end of the spectrum are the kinds of nails that are simple yet stylish. Going beyond just having single solid polishes, nails can be dressed up a bit without appearing to go overboard.

One such trend in the minimalist design is having a single line going down one fingertip of each hand. It’s elegant and simple yet can sometimes be more attention-grabbing than a full line up of glittered up nails as it draws the eye in.

Plus it’s easy to do and maintain. Since your other nails may be bare or coated with a light polish, you’ll need to take good care of your nails and they may thank you for it.

Color Blocking

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When you’re finding it hard to decide on a shade of nail polish, why not have the top three or two of your choices? That’s the good thing about this mod-inspired design, you can have fun with different colors to come up with something bold and original.

The simple lines and play of different colors combine into a trendy mani for your nails. And it’s easy to do! Just choose two or three colors, research some patterns online and arm yourself with some stationary tape to try these nails DIY.

Unlike other nail trends like gels and nail embellishments, color blocking doesn’t really require any fancy tools or brushes. You can also head on over to your fave nail salon to create the look with an expert.


Black Accents


With all the colors we’ve seen in nail polish trends, it’s reassuring to see that black still remains to be a classic, stylish and iconic look.

From the hands of supermodels on catwalks and celebrities posting on their Instagram, accents in black and other dark hues can be seen.

Whether it’s getting checked black and white French tips, having one black coat among a row of nude fingernails, or even having black tipped talons for an extreme look, black is a stylish accent that fashion is never getting over with.

Author Bio: Vanessa is a mom and a lover of all things to do with nail polish. You can find more of her writing at www.diygelnailkits.com