In the continuously expanding and immensely creative world of nail designs, Japanese nail art stands out. Japan has managed to become a highly admired source of inspiration for uncommon nail trends. In response, the US is now eagerly looking towards the Asian country and its publications for gorgeous nails inspiration. If you want to jump on this super-classy and decorative trend wagon, here are the best few places to start.

First of all, let’s cover the basics regarding Japanese nail art. Here’s what you can expect, in a nutshell:

  • You may need to invest in quite a few materials, like 3D gems, stickers, stamps and appliques;
  • You can also have it easier by starting with pre-made nail patterns and then just gluing them on;
  • Both minimalistic designs (1-2 colors and mostly lines and dots) and intricate patterns are covered in this trend. Therefore, whatever your preferences, you’ll find something you like for sure.

Here is also a 3 minute video tutorial for geisha nails, from RenieRainyDay’s channel, for whom we will always maintain a crush. Watch it so you can get a better idea of the Japanese nail art process, in addition to the amazing design idea.

The Top 5 Hubs for Japanese Nail Art Inspiration

#1. Geisha Nail Art Pinterest Board, by EmmyHardRock

As you’re probably used to by now, Pinterest holds amazing user curated collections visuals. The realms of fashion and beauty are some of the niches which benefit from this the most. For Japanese nail designs and art, EmmyHardRock is the Pinterest guru you need. She collects amazingly intricate and beautiful geisha nail ideas, splendid to behold and then imitate. You can visit her gorgeous collection on Pinterest here.

#2. JMagazine Scans Live Journal

The Japanese nail art niche comes with its own magazines with trends reports, tutorials and inspiration. If you’re willing to buy a subscription to one of them, Tokyo Samurai is the ideal choice to start with. But if you’d prefer to browse thousands of pages to of Japanese fashion inspiration for free, this collection of scans is your go-to. You can see the stream and latest entries here. However, do note that these scans are about all topics fashion and beauty (not strictly about nails).

#3. Japanese Cute Nails – the Facebook Channel

On this Facebook page, you can see beautiful photos to inspire you for recreating the nail designs you see. Their archive features plenty of images which you can take to your salon and then ask them to help you replicate. Even though the hub doesn’t get updated very often, sadly, it still definitely belongs among the classics of the niche.

#4. Japanese Nail Art by Shoko

Shoko is an amazingly talented nail artist based in CA, who studied her craft in Japan before returning to practice it here. Her clients must surely be among the happiest people on earth, for getting their nails so amazingly decorated. Besides practicing her craft in person, Shoko keeps a lovely collection of images on her Facebook page (linked above). For Japanese nail art inspiration, it’s definitely a page not to be missed.

#5. Japanese Nail Artist Satomi

Satomi can be found on Facebook, where she delights all potential clients with amazing visuals. She resides in Australia so unless you live there, you won’t be able to benefit from her services. However, the point of our exclusive list was to provide you with the best hubs for Japanese nail art inspiration. Satomi’s Facebook page is just that, honed and sharpened to the finest precision and creativity. Our hat is definitely off to this amazing skill.

Image source: here.