Everyone knows that the two greatest enemies of extra pounds are exercise and a good diet. However, when you are in need of some additional help, you can always try essential oils for weight loss. These oils have been used for over 6,000 years for medical and cosmetic purposes.

Nowadays, essential oils are used for aromatherapy which can help with a vast array of issues, starting with sleeping troubles and ending with slimming down your figure. Now, find out which of the many different kinds of essential oils can help you the most.

Top 5 Essential Oils for Weight Loss

#1 Cinnamon Essential Oils

Cinnamon is particularly useful for the fight against diabetes, but its beneficial implications are just as useful for weight loss. Its main property is insulin and glycemic level control, prompting your body to burn fat rather than store it.

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#2 Lemon Essential Oils

This essential oil can do many things for your mood and health, but most relevant to this particular situation is its fat-burning prowess. Lemon essential oil contains limonene, a notoriously effective compound which targets adipose and dissolves stored fat.

Aside from the direct effects lemon essential oils can have, there’s also the fact that they can drastically improve your mood as well. Therefore, by eliminating negative thoughts, a session of lemon aromatherapy can also make you more prepared and determined to get through with your weight loss program.

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#3 Grapefruit Essential Oils

Grapefruit essential oil uses the peel of the fruit, which is rich in D-limonene, an even more powerful version of the one found in lemons. Grapefruits benefit weight loss by activating enzymes in your body which help it fight off and dissolve stored fat. Its best effects shine through when you apply it topically, especially since it can also help with your blood circulation as well.

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#4 Peppermint Essential Oils

Even though it doesn’t directly eat away at your extra pounds, peppermint essential oil is a fantastic adjacent element that can make your weight loss attempts so much easier. Just like lemon essential oil, it can greatly improve your mood and make you more alert and focused. Moreover, peppermint cuts down your appetite, so if you struggle with the desire to eat once every ten minutes, this is where you need to look for help.

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#5 Ginger Essential Oils

Ginger essential oil has plenty of benefits, energy boosts included. However, the most important ones are the effects it has on your digestive system. Aside from simply improving it, ginger also helps with better bowl movement and decreases the fat retention of your body. Furthermore, ginger essential oil is also fantastic for reducing the cravings of those of you with a major sweet tooth.

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Wrapping Up

How do you use these essential oils for weight loss? Ideally, topically, but they can also benefit you through a session of aromatherapy. Either acquire an essential oil dispenser or simply rub some of the oil between your palms and then gently inhale the aroma. Actually, try all of these methods and see which one works best for you!