Someone really needs to come up with a protocol for testing out nail polish too before you buy it. Admittedly, that would be a little bit difficult on the online market. But, oh, wait! Thankfully, this issue goes away curtsy of the help provided by nail polish swatches. Never again will you have to scratch your head and wonder whether the color in the bottle is actually that vibrant on your nails.

So, for all your nail beauty related needs, we’re going to offer our top picks for best blogs which showcase nail polish swatches. They are reliable, professional, and, most of all, passionate about their blogging. What else do you need?

Top Nail Polish Swatches Blogs

#1 All Lacquered Up

Established in 2007 by Michelle Mismas, All Lacquered Up prides itself on being the first nail beauty-oriented blog. Up to this date, the blog has amassed a grand total of 7.5 million readers with over 250.000 unique monthly views. Being a nail-oriented platform, All Lacquered Up is a haven of nail polish swatches and professional insight.

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#2 Vampy Varnish

Another veteran of nail polish blogging, Vampy Varnish’s Kelly made her first post in 2008 and since then she’s been on a constantly ascending curve. The blog’s focus isn’t exclusively on nails, but whenever the attention shifts to them, nail polish swatches are always present in a pleasant high definition and attention to detail.

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#3 Peachy Polish

Valesha Gracic fell in love with nail beauty in 2011 and, ever since, she’s been turning her passion into an activity shared with thousands of readers of her blog, Peachy Polish. Nail polish swatches are the central focus and the vibrant variety of colors in her pictures immediately catches your attention, from the moment you land on her page.

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#4 The Polish Aholic

Just as the name suggests, nails are the thematic stars of this blog’s content. With an archive dating back to 2010, The Polish Aholic is a blog with a base that loyally follows the colorful updates of Jen’s reviews. Plus, the nail polish swatches look absolutely eye-catching!

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#5 Swatch and Learn

As it should be made obvious by the clever wordplay in the name, blogger Mary has clearly poured all of her passion for nail beauty into the contents of Swatch and Learn. After old co-runner Fiona quit the blog in 2011, she took matters into her own hands and steadily built a following that amounts to several millions of unique page views.

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Wrapping Up

Nail polish swatches are important. They’re the virtual equivalent of sampling a lipstick. There are also swatches of that, by the way, but that’s a whole different topic. Stick to one (or all) of these aforementioned blogs and you’re going to feel much more confident about investing money into a particular nail polish. However, as useful as these blogs are, there is definitely one big fault that we can find in them. How do these ladies manage to maintain such neat manicures? Yeah, exactly, you’ll have to wonder this with every new post they make.