For the best of results, you will obviously need the best ab workouts to get that highly sought-after flat belly that everyone aspires for. If you’re not sure which routine you can and can’t trust in this amalgam of magical Internet solutions, we’ve helped you filter some of them out. Coming from some of the renowned accredited trainers around, here are the workouts that can paste that six-pack over your stomach.

Top 5 Best Ab Workouts from Renowned Trainers

#1 Dead Bug

Recommended by: Tony Gentilcore

Guidelines: Lie down on your back and lift your arms up in the air in a 90 degrees angle. Also in a 90 degrees angle, bring up your knees too. As you stretch one knee away from your chest, stretch an arm toward your head. Click this link to see a video tutorial.

#2 Barbell Squat

Recommended by: Declan Condron

Guidelines: If you’ve ever done squats, you probably know what you need to do here. It’s pretty much classical squatting with the added weight (pun intended) of a barbell on your shoulders. However, in this instance, your position and form are more important than ever. To really make sure that you’re doing it right, click this link to see a video tutorial.

#3 Side Plank Variation

Recommended by: Mari Winsor

Guidelines: There are lots of variations to the popular side plank around. Mari Winsor’s goes the following way. Lean on your right hip while supporting yourself with your right arm. Make sure your legs are slightly bent left foot a little bit in front of the other one. Lift your body up and extend your arm over your head. Lower your hips while making sure they don’t touch the floor and lower your arm. Press back up into the side plank and then repeat 6 or 8 times. Click this link to see a video tutorial on various side plank exercises.

#4 Swiss Ball Body Saw

Recommended by: John Romaniello

Guidelines: Assume your push-up position against a Swiss ball, using your elbows rather than your hands. Clench your abs and hold them in as tightly as possible and then start rolling your elbows against the ball. Click this link to see a video tutorial.

#5 Med Ball Side Slams

Recommended by: Rachel Cosgrove

Guidelines: Grab a hold of a medicine ball and lift it above your head, making sure your feet are shoulder-width apart and your arms slightly bent. Slam the ball toward the outside of your right foot as hard as you can. Pick it up and then twist your body to the left, repeating the same motion. Cycle through your left and your right. Click this link to see a video tutorial.

Wrapping Up

These were the best ab workouts not only in our humble opinions, but according to some trainers who really mean business in their fields as well. Some of them are more advanced while others are ideal for people who have gotten to a point where they’re ready to try something other than push-ups and classic squats. Gear on, hit the gym, and get sweating to build those abs!