Aromatherapy essential oils can help you relax. Aromatherapy is the art of using essential oils for emotional and physical healing. These oils can be inhaled, or you can rub them into your skin for a relaxing massage. Aromatherapy relies on the idea that the human body struggles to maintain a balance. Nevertheless, sometimes invading contaminants or poor lifestyle choices can affect your inner balance. Then, you can use popular aromatherapy oils which can help you reestablish your good health.

If you are wondering what essential oils are, then you should know that they are thick saps extracted from the plant blossoms, seeds, leaves and roots. Every type of essential oils has a unique active ingredient which can help you annihilate a particular health issue. Usually, many such essential oils help you with combating several physical problems.

Furthermore, some of these oils can soothe your emotional upset and mental preoccupations. However, you should keep in mind the fact that aromatherapy constitutes a mind-body healing art. This art indicates that a disruption in your overall balance will determine mental, emotional and physical issues. Therefore, aromatherapists say that there are many popular essential oils which can help people re-establish and revive all three centers.

Aromatherapy essential oils do not represent a modern practice. It goes back to ancient Egypt and pre-Columbian Mexico. Nowadays, science points out that if you choose the appropriate essential oils and use them properly, you can obtain amazing results. For instance, you can soothe several minor health issues.

First of all, there is insomnia. You can forget about your sleeping pills and try to use some essential oils which are natural. Therefore, you avoid using that high dose of chemicals in pills which can harm your liver and stomach. Second, you can use aromatherapy essential oils to get rid of menstrual cramps. These oils will soothe and relax you, annihilating the pain.

You can also use essential oils to help you combat nausea, menopause hot flashes or PMS. When it comes to the emotional and mental part of the treatment, these oils with beneficial effects can help you fight against anxiety, stress, anger, grief, and irritability. Let’s take a look at a list of best aromatherapy essential oils which can combat many health and mental issues.


Aromatherapy essential oils can soothe body pain and combat emotional issues.

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It fights against negativity and anger while also cooling metabolism.


It relieves sinus and nasal congestion while combating fever.


It eases depression, improving your memory.


This essential oil eases infant colic. Furthermore, it also ameliorates insect bites and burns, calming inflamed skin.


It stimulates digestion being a gentle laxative and it also relieves heartburns.


It annihilates your respiratory system issues, breaking up phlegm.


This essential oil activates your metabolism, encouraging weight loss.


It soothes sunstroke, eases a migraine and relieves a tension headache.


It increases the breast milk production. Furthermore, it may also relieve impotence and frigidity.


This oil soothes grief and eases allergy congestion. Also, it relieves arthritis pain.


It eases nervous tension, and it is also a natural sedative.


It annihilates apathy and indecision while also encouraging you to relax.


It eases stress, enhancing concentration and optimism.


This essential oil combats a hormone headache and hangover headache. Also, it reduces stress.


It soothes fever, eases a hunger headache and relieves body ache.


It eases labor pain, annihilates anxiety, and it also may be used for feminine health.


It fuels creativity and combats exhaustion.


It is an aphrodisiac. Therefore, it annihilates fear and inhibition. It also improves sleep.


It relieves menstrual cramps while calming your mind and body.


It helps to heal skin wounds while also reducing acne.

Summing up, all these aromatherapy oils can help relax your mind and body, combating several physical, emotional and mental issues.