Exit the cold season in style and paint on the hottest spring nail colors of the year.

Not sure what polish should be the star of your next manicure? We’ve got a few suggestions gathered from some renowned sources of big beauty trends. Even if you’re not the type to go with the flow of fashion, one of these shades is definitely going to grab your attention. That being said, let’s discover the prettiest spring colors that can really make your manicure feel like one with the season.

Top 10 Spring Nail Colors to Try

#1 Trust Fund Beauty in Champagne Socialite

why you mad tho

This sparkly pastel purple is definitely up there with one of the biggest trends of recent years: the explosion of soft pastels.

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#2 Morgan Taylor in Days in the Sun

days in the sun

Part of the Beauty and the Beast collection inspired by the live-action adaptation of 2017, Days in the Sun couldn’t have a more appropriate name. Despite being a yellow polish, the fact that it’s so soft and pastel-y makes it much more appropriate for spring than for summer.

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#3 ORLY in Anything Goes

anything goes

Another nail polish inspired by a movie, Anything Goes is part of ORLY’s La La Land-based collection. It’s an explosion of shimmers that makes you feel as if you’re wearing unicorn essence on your nails (that was slightly weird).

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#4 OPI Infinite Shine in Don’t Provoke the Plum

don't provoke the plum

Don’t provoke the plum and don’t tell it that its color doesn’t belong in a spring collection. These deep mauves are just as trendy and popular as their pastel counterparts.

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#5 Essie Ballet Nudes in Closing Night

closing night

This grayish-blue shimmery shade isn’t your average soft pastel. It’s the morose color of a sky shifting between sunny weather and cloudy. A very glittery sky.

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#6 Essie in B’aha Moment!

baha moment

Pastels are the powerhouse, but that doesn’t mean it’s the time to ditch the strong and sharp colors. This vibrant magenta has a little bit of something that makes it resemble raspberries.

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#7 butter London in Greenery


What kind of list would this be without polish in Pantone’s color of the year?

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#8 Marc Jacobs in Pearl Jam

pearl jam

Okay, yes, we couldn’t make it too far without returning to the pastel theme. Even more, pink is a classic spring color, so it just has to be here.

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#9 Givenchy in Pourpre Defile

pourpre defile

There’s room for class in spring as well. This deep wine shade will be an instant hit at any event when paired with some gold jewelry.

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#10 Revlon in Try Your Luck

try your luck

Last but not least, let’s give the good, old Internet Explorer link-like blue some love because it’s back in trend this year’s spring.

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Wrapping Up

Did any of these spring nail colors catch your eye? Purchase a bottle online and head for your next manicure to really dive into the spirit of spring using nothing but a few empowering colors.