Most patients check a tooth implant cost before making a decision. This is an important factor for people to consider when they need a dental replacement. Implant dentistry is still the best way to replace missing teeth. Let’s see how much a tooth implant costs and what are the main criteria that influence its level.

What Is a Tooth Implant Procedure?

tooth implant 3D representation

A dental implant represents a surgical procedure that is inserted into the jaw. Its main role is to support a dental prosthesis like a bridge or crown. It also acts as an orthodontic anchor. A tooth implant resembles your teeth’s roots, and it is usually made of titanium. This kind of implant will never come loose like in the case of a denture can.

The Average Tooth Implant Cost

We all know that dental implants are quite expensive. The price of a single tooth implant is situated between 1,400 and 7,500 dollars. You must understand that you are not only purchasing a product but also a service. Therefore, you must look at it as an entire package. Obviously, if you want high-quality materials and top-notch services, you will have to pay more.

Most specialists consider the procedure of tooth implant to be a combination of both science and art. It is quite complex and requires a lot of attention from the dentist.

The Influencing Factors of a Tooth Implant Cost

The tooth implant cost depends a lot on several factors such as the ones described below:

  • Dental implant material quality. Each procedure combines three stages: implant, abutment, and crown. For each of them, the cost is different. It may vary depending on your jaw size, the missing tooth’s location, and more. Your mouth has teeth of different sizes and types of surfaces.
  • The tooth’s type. Depending on what kind of tooth you are replacing, the cost may vary. For example, if you need a front implant, the cost will be higher compared to the one of a back implant. This is because the front teeth are more visible. Therefore, the material will be more expensive as well as better looking.
  • Your dentist’s expertise and popularity. It is a well-known fact that popular and experienced specialists charge more and have higher fees. If you choose to go to a more skilled surgeon, your bill will be higher. Even if you want to go to a cheaper dentist, make sure he/she has the necessary experience. Otherwise, your implant might not go as planned.
  • The dentist’s location. Your dental clinic’s location influences your tooth implant cost. There is a huge difference between a clinic located in the suburbs and one situated in a business district. The higher the population, the bigger the prices.

Final Words

As you can see, a tooth implant cost may vary a lot depending on several factors such as the specialist’s expertise, the type of the replaced tooth, and more. The price of such a surgery is very important, and you should definitely take it into consideration before making a final decision. Take your time to search for the best dentist you can afford.

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