We all need dental care at a certain moment in our lives. Even though not all of us are determined to pay for insurance coverage, we still expect the best services for affordable costs. As you might know, dental services are quite expensive. The best dental plans are those that help you reduce your overall cost of treatment. Let’s see how much is a tooth extraction cost in America.

The Average Tooth Extraction Cost in the U.S.

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A regular tooth extraction that doesn’t require a surgical intervention costs between 75 and 300 dollars. The total price may vary depending on several factors such as the type of the tooth, anesthesia type, dental fees, and more. However, when it comes to emergency tooth extraction cost, the price will increase, reaching a minimum of 450 dollars. Sometimes, you will have to pay even more than that.

Typical Aspects of a Tooth Extraction Cost

As I previously mentioned, a regular extraction ranges between 75 and 300 dollars, in cases which don’t require an emergency intervention. Dental insurance plans cover up to 70 or even 80 percent of the total cost. However, this applies only to those cases which are medically necessary. If you are doing a dental procedure because of cosmetic purposes, the insurance coverage doesn’t apply anymore.

When it comes to surgical tooth extraction cost, you will have to pay higher sums. This kind of medical intervention usually costs between 150 and 650 dollars. Local anesthesia costs less than other sedation types, which may even reach up to 250-500 dollars. According to CostHelper, the average cost of a complicated extraction is somewhere around 334 dollars.

The third molar or the wisdom tooth costs between 75 and 200 dollars to be extracted. However, these costs are only for those regular simple interventions. If the extraction is more complicated, the cost will be higher too.

Service Included in a Tooth Extraction Cost

  • Usually, dental surgeons or dentists perform tooth extractions. After the procedure, you must return to the dental office, in order for the doctor to check if everything goes well and if your tooth is healing as it should be. This post-operatory service is included in the extraction cost.
  • The dentist has to widen in a gentle manner the bony socket in which your damaged tooth is encased. Sometimes, in more complicated cases, the affected tooth firmly sticks to its enclosure. This is when the doctor has to break it into sections to safely remove the entire tooth.

Additional Costs

  • Before the actual extraction, you will make an appointment for an initial examination, which costs between 50 and 350 dollars, depending on the clinic, the doctor, and some other factors.
  • Usually, dentists require patients to take X-Rays, which add between 20 and 250 dollars to the overall cost.

Final Words

As you can see, a tooth extraction cost may vary a lot depending on several factors such as those mentioned above. If it is a simpler procedure, the cost will be lower. However, prices increase for more complicated extractions. The best thing to do is to have a dental insurance plan and ask the dentist everything you want to clarify, before the procedure.

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