We all know the struggle of losing some weight. Go to the gym, sweat, eat only healthy meals or don’t eat at all. We are often tempted to listen to our friends’ advices when it comes to dieting. This is mostly because we don’t have the time and patience to seek out an expert to deal with our problems. Unfortunately, sometimes, our friends are not the best advisers and we end up following the wrong diet that does nothing for our wish to lose weight. This is why we are here, to help you! We’ve gathered some of the best health specialists and fitness gurus out there to give you the best tips for healthy diet and weight loss. Let’s begin!

1.      Jackie Warner

Fitness expert and celebrity trainer Jackie Warner is one of those people who know precisely what can help a person and what cannot. And her best advice is to drink as much water as you possibly can! You probably already know this because everyone recommends it these days. However, Warner has another trick up her sleeve to pump up this simple rule. Add some lemon in your water (you should drink about 3 liters per day). It sounds simple, but this trick detoxifies the liver and also metabolizes fat. This is the key when it comes to speeding up your metabolism. After all, this is what we want, right?

2.      Jennifer Cohen

Jennifer Cohen has a busy life. She is the author of the book called No Gym Required and a spokeswoman for Weight Watchers. She is also part of our group of experts and has another, very useful advice. Cohen says to avoid buying the so-called “diet food”. The best idea is for you to choose what you should eat based on health benefits and nutritional value. Long story short, don’t trust labels! Make up a list of your needs and goals. Then buy food in accordance with that. Don’t be tempted to put something in your cart just because it says it’s good for your health.

3.      Tara Stiles

Tara Stiles is the author of the best-selling book called Slim Calm Sexy Yoga. She is also a personal yoga instructor and founder and owner of Strala yoga studio. What’s her advice? Learn to drink as many fresh vegetable juice as you can! From cucumber to kale, carrot and even ginger. Those will offer you a boost of energy and taste very good. Moreover, they will even cut your sugar cravings, making you lose some of that unwanted weight.

4.      Fred DeVito

Fred DeVito is one of the creators of the phenomenal Exhale: Core Fusion DVD series. He has one very simple advice: ditch those sugary and carbonated drinks! No sodas, not even diet sodas! Ditch coffee too! Focus on drinking water, fresh juices and unsweetened tea. It can be difficult at first but in time, your sugar cravings will disappear. These kinds of beverages are full of calories and we want to get rid of those, right?

Summing it all up

Those were some interesting tips, right? They are coming from some of the best experts, so they should be worth following. What did you think about these tips for healthy diet and weight loss? Let us know!

Image source: freegreatpicture