Thyme is a garden herb that people have been using since ancient times, both for culinary and medicinal uses. Nowadays, thyme is still used for a variety of things, including making thyme tea. Thyme tea is extremely beneficial to our health and beauty. Today, we’re going to talk about 5 of the main beauty and health benefits you should expect when consuming thyme tea.

5 Health and Beauty Benefits of Thyme Tea

1. It Soothes Cough

One of the main health benefits of thyme tea is that it helps sooth cough. So, the next time you suffer from a cold, you might want to make a nice cup of thyme tea and enjoy the soothing feeling it will surely provide. In fact, this type of tea seems to do more than that. It also helps treat bronchitis, having been approved by the German Commission E for this particular use.

2. It Helps with Weight Loss

One of the reasons people choose to drink thyme tea is because it suppresses the appetite. This makes it a great weight loss tool. At the same time, this tea doesn’t make you feel week. On the contrary, it provides you with energy and important nutrients. This helps you eat less and stop snacking all the time. Moreover, thyme tea can make your metabolism work better, aiding with fat burning.

3. It Promotes Sleep

A particularly helpful benefit of thyme tea is that it relieves stress, promoting relaxation and sleep. Drinking a cup of tea before going to bed increases the chances of falling asleep faster and having a more relaxed sleep. For best results, add a few drops of honey into your tea as well. While this recipe is mostly used to promote sleep in children, you can still use it as an adult.

4. It Provides Minerals

Even if this may sound strange, thyme is rich in iron. In fact, just 2 teaspoons of dried thyme contain 19.8 percent of the iron value recommended on a daily basis. Imagine how much of your daily iron intake you could cover just by drinking 2 or 3 cups of thyme tea. This kind of tea doesn’t only contain iron, but also manganese, vitamin K, and calcium. Basically, it’s like a cocktail of minerals and vitamins that you can drink every single day.

5. It Treats Acne

Thyme tea is also antibacterial. This means it’s great at treating acne and keeping bacteria away from your face. As a result, you can find thyme as a main ingredient in different kinds of face washes and acne creams. If you don’t want to spend a lot of money on such creams and lotions, you can always buy dried up thyme and make your own concoction. Rubbing this kind of tea on your face has wonderful effects on your skin, clearing acne and leaving your complexion looking more radiant than ever.

As you were able to tell from today’s brief guide to the main health and beauty benefits of thyme tea, thyme is a great natural ingredient that has many uses. If you’re struggling with acne or aren’t able to sleep properly, try making some thyme tea and use it as detailed above.

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