A thighplasty can help you remove the excess of fat on your thighs, making them look toned. The fat deposits on thighs can be the effect of lack of exercise. Furthermore, your skin can also become lax due to a sudden weight loss. Another factor that should be considered here is aging that can also lead to loose skin and sagging around the thigh area.

If you want to get rid of fat deposits or wrinkles on your thigh area to have a more youthful look, you should consider a thighplasty. This procedure can help you get rid of fat on your inner or outer thighs. However, you need to know that to qualify for this type of surgery, you need to meet particular requirements. These criteria will keep you safe after surgery, and they will also guarantee its success.

The criteria include:

–    Having soft tissue and unwanted skin along your thighs;

–    Maintain a stable weight;

–    Having realistic expectations;

–    Commit to exercise and have a healthy diet after the surgery;

–    No smoking, because it may disrupt the healing process;

–    No alcohol since it might impair the healing process.

Types of thighplasty procedures

There are different types of thigh lift you should know about to establish what you really need. For instance, an inner thigh lift can help you have toned inner thighs. This procedure can deal with sagging skin and exercise resistant fat. Your plastic surgeon will make a small incision and then it will remove the fat excess.

A mini thigh lift will help you get rid of sagging skin in your upper thighs. This procedure will involve a very small scar in the groin area. Furthermore, this procedure will require a shorter recovery period.

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If you want to get rid of sagging skin after dramatic weigh loss, you can try a thighplasty procedure.

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A bilateral thigh lift can tighten the skin on the outside and on the front of your leg. During the surgery, the plastic surgeon makes an incision at the top of the leg, developing a small “V” shape.

A medial thigh lift is meant to diminish the excess of fat and skin on the upper area of the inner thigh. This type of procedure will help patients who are not pleased with the shape of their legs. Furthermore, the surgery is also suitable for those who want to remove the excess of tissue after extreme weight loss.

Preparations for the procedure

You need to keep in mind the fact that you should take really good care of your body before and after the surgery to maximize the chances to obtain the results you want. You should stop drinking alcohol and smoking for a determined period of time before the procedure. Make sure you take iron and Vitamin C supplements to determine your healing process to be faster.

Always stay hydrated and keep exercising. Furthermore, having a healthy diet is also important. Your body weight needs to be stable before undergoing surgery.

Wrapping up

A thighplasty may be a tough procedure, and you will need to prepare for the recovery process. Keep exercising and eat healthy food. After the surgery, make sure you take all the anticoagulants, antibiotics and pain killers prescribed by your plastic surgeon.

Image Source: Kurtzman Plastic Surgery