Every girl wants to look good every day during the summer season, and plus-size girls are no exception to this.  Everyone still wants to look cute and stylish throughout the season. Bigger girls don’t want to be stuck wearing a t-shirt and a pair of big shorts when going swimming either. They want to look cute and sexy too and should never feel left out of the styles other girls are wearing. Here is more information on what plus sized girls should wear this summer to look amazing!

Wear Solid Color Blouses

Don’t hide your curves this summer! To accentuate your curves, you should opt for solid colored blouses that don’t hide your curves. And, because it is the summer season and the temps are high, go for lighter materials for your blouses like chiffon, thin cotton, silk, or organza.

Try wearing a top with an off-the-shoulder neckline or front to show your style. Pair it with a pair of denim shorts, and you are good to go to rock the day. It is not recommended to wear clothes that are too loose or too tight. Go for something that fits comfortably.

Rock a Printed Romper

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They used to tell bigger girls not to wear prints. However, now you can rock a printed romper with no problem. Try rocking a medium-sized, floral print romper just for the summer season. Also, rompers with soothing colors and delicate prints will make you look flattering and slimmer. You can also opt for long-sleeve or a v-neckline. Add a belt to the twist, and you will rock that romper all throughout the heat of the summer.

Plus Size Wide Legged Pants or Palazzo Pants

Plus sized women can rock wearing wide legged pants or palazzo pants. These fashion trends for summer will make for a full hipped look. Printed Palazzos are better for full figured women. Add a crop top and strappy high heel shoes to the mix, and you have a great trendy look for the summer.

A-Line Dresses and Maxi Dresses

Every girl likes to dress up more than every once in a while. Dressing-up holds true for plus size girls as well. They don’t want to sit at home wearing their pajamas all day long, especially during the summer months when it is time to get out and play. A-Line dresses and even Maxi dresses will look nice for a summer night out in the town. The A-Line silhouette dress is perfect for trimming down the waistline. And, since it is hot outside, try a material such as a chiffon to keep cool and look good as well.

The second best option if you can’t do an A-Line dress, is an A-Line Maxi dress. The Maxi dress helps when you don’t want to show too much leg.

Trendy Shorts

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Shorts aren’t just a trend; they are necessary to help keep you cool during the hot summer months. They are especially lovely when they come in trendy styles. They come in different sizes too from Capri, which are past the knees, regular length, and shorter ones also.  Go for denim shorts, denim overalls, or printed shorts this summer season. If you want to add some comfort to the mix, throw on a Kimono, and you are good to go.

Cropped Stripe Jumpsuits

Jumpsuits are great for plus-size girls. They are comfortable and trendy, just right for the hot summer season. To help not draw attention to your weight, it is recommended to wear vertical stripes instead of horizontal. Not only does the jumpsuit make you look great but the striped print gives you a slimming effect. Also, if it is windy out that day, pair it with a denim jacket or a blazer.

Denim Dresses

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You don’t just want to feel cool during the summer, but you want to look cool too. Because of this, you can pull off a denim flounce dress. Try an off the shoulder style dress to bring the attention from your torso to your top.

Flowy Summer Wrap Dresses

Flowy summer wrap dresses will look lovely on heavier girls too. Not only will this dress make you look good but it will allow you to feel a gentle cool breeze during the hot summer days.

Boyfriend Shorts and Loose Fitting Halter Tops

Boyfriend shorts are in style too. These shorts will help keep your booty covered without hiding the curves. The reason for the recommendation of these shorts is because most short shorts can ride up on plus-sized women. Boyfriend shorts are short enough to look cute but also good enough to show your curves at the same time. Pair these shorts with a loose-fitting halter top, and you will look hot. You will want to wear a loose-fitting halter top instead of a tight-fitting tank because too tight tanks can cause underarm chafing.

Rock Those Curves

Now that you know what to wear this summer, being a plus size girl and all, go out and rock those curves and show off what you have. You will love how you look, and you will feel great too. Remember, you never have to hide your body because you can look great also. Just follow this guide to the trendiest things to wear during the hot summer season, and you will look amazing! I hope after this article you realize that your curves are something to embrace this summer, not to cover up!

I hope that these hot looks can help you express yourself this summer!

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