If you want to enhance your look, being very glamorous, you should definitely be part of the teeth grillz trend. You have definitely seen this trend coming from hip hop stars, resonating style, and bling, revealing their success and wealth. Many hip hop stars made fans want some of that Hollywood bling. This hip hop jewelry is a unique style, featuring heavy gold chains, gold rings, and gold teeth grillz.

We know that the ‘bling bling’ phrase had started with the development of the hip-hop industry. Nowadays, this phrase reached to be a multicultural expression, indicating a person’s wealth and the fact that they want to impose respect through what they are and what they have.

What You Need to Know about Teeth Grillz

Teeth grillz represent a dental jewelry accessory. This type of fashion accessory became very popular in the mid-2000s. Nevertheless, you should know that the trend appeared in the 1980s. Choosing such an accessory may be pretty hard due to the variety of models, the selection of material and the stones you may apply on them.

You can opt for teeth grillz made from platinum, silver, and gold with sapphires, rubies, diamonds or any other precious stone. Depending on your budget, you can select from a list the precious stones and the material for your custom made teeth caps. Furthermore, you should know that not all teeth grillz are permanent. Generally, they can all be made to be removed.

Teeth grillz on ceramic

Make sure you contact your dentist before you purchase teeth grillz.

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Permanent grillz

It is up to the buyer whether they want the grillz to be permanent or not. However, permanent grillz means that you will cover your natural teeth in gold for good. Permanent grills represent a huge commitment and a big investment. Unique designs and custom molds can be very expensive. However, this means that you won’t use your natural teeth when you get old. Your dentist will give you all the details about the prices and materials.

Instant grillz

On the other hand, if you want instant grillz which are pre-made. These represent moldable grill covers which can be easily removed from your teeth whenever you please. However, you have limited choices when it comes to precious metals, and you do not have so many customizable options. Nevertheless, they are still a great choice.

Custom grillz

If you are looking for something that perfectly suits you and your style, then you might want to purchase custom grillz. Usually, you will need to purchase a molding kit to mold your teeth. Then, you need to send it back to get them made. When the process is over, you will receive your custom teeth grillz exactly as you requested them. You can customize them to get your favorite look, and the greatest advantage is that the caps will perfectly fit your teeth.


Basically, gold caps represent just shells and based on the karat of gold, a tooth cap or crown may vary between $100 and $500. If you want to add precious stones, then that will cost you extra, depending on the stones you choose.

Summing up

Adding some bling to your style with teeth grillz will make you look very trendy, imposing respect. Make sure you contact your dentist before purchasing these grillz and ask for some details and advice. If you want to decorate your grillz with precious stones, make sure you are ready to pay extra for those.

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