Before thinking about it, you should know about tape in hair extensions pros and cons. If you want to have a long, beautiful hair, you can use tape in hair extensions. Lately, they have become increasingly popular. These extensions help you add more volume and increase your hair length, but only temporarily. Tape-in hair extensions are made of natural hair which will get taped into your hair.

Even if this may make you feel uncomfortable, you need to know that it is not as bad as it seems. If you think about clip-in extensions, they are 1-2 inches wide having double sided keratin tape. You apply for these extensions by placing one piece at a time on a section of natural hair. The next step is to put the strand up, revealing the sticky side.

Then, you will attach the second piece to create a sandwich with your hair. Generally, an average person will use about 40 such tape-in hair extensions to cover the whole head. Specialists indicate that these extensions can be placed in the same places one would use clip-in hair extensions. Now you are ready, having the amazing long hair you have always wished for.

Tape in hair extensions: Pros

One of the pros is due to the looks you will get. Using this tape in hair extensions will help you decide whether you would choose to grow your hair longer or not. You might aspire to a new look after you remove the extensions. They will help you decide if you are in doubt. The extensions are made from natural hair. Hence, do not worry about damaging them if you use your straightener or your curling iron.

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Tape in hair extensions pros and cons can help women decide whether they prefer long hair over short hair.

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Tape in hair extensions: Cons

These hair extensions are not exactly cheap. When going to a hair salon to get such a look, the installation can run up to $900. Furthermore, besides the installations, blending the extensions in with your natural hair can imply extra costs. Another disadvantage is that you will need to spend more time in front of the mirror, styling your hair. You will also spend more time strengthening or blow drying your hair. Furthermore, your hair styles are limited since these extensions can be invasive.

Tape-in hair extensions can offer you a fabulous look

If you are wondering for how long they could last, you need to know that tape in hair extensions are not only attached to your scalp, but also to each other. Hairstylists indicate that traditional extensions last about 3-4 months before they require a re-application. Nevertheless, tape-in extensions need to be touched up after about 4-6 weeks.

They can be reused three or four times before ordering a new set. If you want to test and see how you would look like with a long hair, you can try this trick to make sure that you want a beautiful mane. They really do offer amazing results.