If you really want to look your best, you can’t neglect learning how to take care of your eyelashes. It may sound strange, especially given the fact that you can cover up most eyelash issues with extensions and other applications. But unless you’re going for a nightly makeup look, you don’t even need to turn to fake lashes. With a proper beauty routine, you can care for your eyelashes and nurture them so that they can naturally grow healthy and beautiful. How? As long as you keep the following tips close to you, you won’t think about using fake lashes again.

How to Take Care of Your Eyelashes: 5 Tips

#1 Moisturize

It seems like a little bit of moisturizing can go a long way. We all know by this point that it’s the greatest ally of a radiant and soft skin, but it can also perform wonders for your lashes. A common treatment to keep your eyelashes nourished is petroleum jelly. But those of you that are a little bit scared at the sound of it, you can also moisturize with various natural oils, such as castor or almond.

A piece of advice, though: don’t expect immediate results. You’ll need regular applications spanned across a lengthy period to see the benefits.

#2 Comb

Sometimes even something as simple as gently combing through your eyelashes can contribute to their health. Buy a special comb or use an old, cleaned mascara brush and use them on your lashes on a daily basis. This kind of habit will strengthen up the hairs and reduce breakage.

#3 Nourish

Mascara is the immediate go-to solution for anyone seeking to get a boost of volume and length without the inclusion of fake lashes or extensions into the picture. Of course, that’s well and all, but you could always ensure the natural growth of your eyelashes with every stroke of your mascara brush. There are some products which contain vitamins, such as vitamin K, which nourish the hairs and help them grow thicker and healthier. You may also opt for eyelash growth serums to create fuller lashes which will immediately grab other’s attention.

#4 Protect

Prevention remains the best solution to your problems. Therefore, avoid any habits that might result in breakage or damage to your lashes. One common mistake that leads to these results is harshly rubbing your eyes when they’re itchy. Try gently patting them instead or, at least, be gentler around your lash line. Moreover, we know that they can make your eyelashes prettier, but curlers can also contribute to damage.

#5 Cleanse

Don’t sleep on removing your makeup every day before bed. For the best of results, swap the (admittedly more convenient) swipes for a makeup removing lotion and use soft cotton pads. Look for light products without any alcohol that could potentially irritate or dry out your eyes and, by extension, lashes.

Wrapping Up

And that was how to take care of your eyelashes in five simple tips! A huge contribution to the health of your lashes is represented by prevention, so it’s important to remember to avoid habits that could end up harming them. Remove your makeup, keep curlers to a minimum, and be gentle.