Are you one of those people who, in the middle of the night, start looking in the fridge for something to eat? You probably are, but if you’re not, you should keep on reading this article and learn how to never start doing this. Still, is it really true that eating at night makes us gain more weight? It is, sadly, true. However, experts are saying that rather than the TIME we eat, it’s also very important WHAT we eat and WHY do we feel the need to do it. There are studies according to which, evenings are the when we feel most tempted to execute a snack attack. Why? It’s because we are more relaxed in the evening and feel the need to treat ourselves with something tasty and usually, not healthy.

Let’s face it! Nobody likes to snack on broccoli and carrots. However, if you want to avoid gaining weight and increasing your cholesterol level, you’d better stop snacking at night. It’s interesting that usually, even if you had a big evening meal, chances are you might still start snacking after a few hours. So, because we understand your night-time munchies, here are a few suggestions which might help you learn how to stop snacking at night.

1.      Follow a balanced meal pattern!

According to experts, if you have your breakfast, lunch and dinner at regular times during your day, you might reduce the need to snack at night. Why? It’s because your body is already used to that specific pattern. So, it won’t force you to eat anything else that does not fit in with it.

2.      Don’t miss meals!

It’s very important for you to try and not miss meals or eat very small amounts of food. This won’t help you lose weight because in the evening, when you get the munchies, you will surely destroy an entire bag of chips. Also, people who don’t eat too much during the day lose control over their capacity to acknowledge when they are hungry or full. So, try to avoid not eating during the day. Have regular meals and some healthy snacks in between.

3.      Avoid comfort eating!

This is a big problem as many people eat for a lot of reasons. Sadly, sometimes, hunger is not one of them. Some people eat because they’re lonely, others because they’re sad. These types of people also secretly eat during the night when the others are already in bed. Also, when you are watching TV at night, change the channel when you see an ad for food. It’s not the food in there that will get you to snack, but the advertisement itself as it reminds you of food.

4.      Drink something!

Another good alternative would be to have a non-alcoholic drink instead of eating. Try having a tea, a glass of lemon water or a low-calorie soda. Those usually trick your body into thinking that the hunger is gone, and you will avoid snacking at night.

5.      Plan your snack!

If you know that you will feel the urge to snack later, prepare something healthy beforehand. Put a yoghurt, a bowl of cereal or a small fruit nearby. It will help you greatly.

6.      Guilt is not the way to go

Many people feel guilty after eating one chip and instead of stopping, they eat the whole bag. That one chip wouldn’t have done you any harm. The entire bag on the other hand… The idea is to not feel guilty about eating. If you want chocolate, eat a small bar and enjoy it! Remember: balance is key!

Wrapping up

So, did our tips on how to stop snacking at night help you in any way? Are you more able to control your munchies now? Let us read your thoughts down below!

Image source: flickr