I don’t know about you, but ever since I was a little kid, I love staring at the stars. It made me feel relaxed and dreamy, and it still has the same effect today. So, today I wanted to present you some pretty star nails designs and tutorials. I hope all these will inspire you to create your own sassy and shiny manicure, at home.

The Best Star Nails Tutorials for Inspiration

a woman's nails with a galaxy pattern manicure

1. Create the Perfect Star

On SheKnows website, you can find plenty of interesting articles, including some related to beauty, style, and nails. For example, one of these articles teaches you how to design the perfect star on your nails. You will only need two tools to get it done. First, you need to draw five dots which will be the star’s corners. Then, use a small brush to draw fine lines from each dot to the center of the pattern. Finally, fill in the arms of the star to complete its look.

2. Stars & Moons Nail Art

You can find this pattern’s tutorial on YouTube Robin Moses Nail Art’s channel. She has more than 300,000 followers that are eager to view all her new tutorials and designs. In this particular tutorial, Robin shows a beautiful and fun rainbow nail art which was specially created for beginners. All you have to do is to paint your nails with different colors to create a base coat. Then, create small golden stars on one nail, and alternate it with a nail that has moons pattern.

3. 19 Ways to Create Star Nail Patterns

On Nail It! you will find not less than 19 different methods to create a perfect star manicure. From wonder woman manicure pattern to bright and glossy designs, you will discover a lot of designs to choose from. If you are bold enough, you can even choose to make one pattern per week to have themed nails. If you aren’t that good at doing stars yourself, you can easily use a nail stamp to create on point stars.

4. Black and White Moon and Stars

If you want to obtain an elegant star nails design, you can try this pattern. Apply a black base coat on all your nails. Then, using a thinner brush draw a big round moon in the center of your nail. Use a pin top to create the effect of craters. Do that with a gray nail polish. All that’s left to do now are the tiny little stars around the moon. To create them, make a small A, then fill in the gaps with the brush. Finally, you can add a little extra with some glitter to obtain a shining effect.

Putting It All Together

Having a beautiful manicure will make you feel better about yourself and shine all day long. A star nails design is very creative and fun to wear. All the above ideas and tutorials are quite simple to follow. There are so many options that you can never go out of ideas.

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