​The term ‘squoval’ appeared as a combination of two words – ‘square’ and ‘oval.’ It refers to a type of square nail that has rounded or edges, thusly making it look oval toward its end or outer margins. It’s a new trend that has rapidly caught on, given the nails’ elegant look. Here are five squoval nail designs that have been all the rage this year and that you can still wear before 2017 is done.

​1. Turquoise and Gold

Let’s kick off the list with a pair of nails inspired by an Arabian Nights theme. The nail polish used as a base is a bright and light turquoise. Over it, you can apply a coating of golden sparkles or glitter. Don’t cover the entire nail. Start at the base and ombre it as you reach the tip. Finish off with a layer of clear top coat which will ensure the glitter will stay in place. This design is perfect in case you need to attend a Moroccan themed party, if you’re excited about the new Aladdin live-action reboot or if you’re really into shiny nails.

​2. Gold French Tips

Let’s stay in the gold area for a little while longer. Answer us this. How would you feel about some French tips, only, this time, in gold? Yes, you read that right. These squoval nail designs start off with a gunmetal matte gray base which is amazing in its own right. However, the real piece du resistence here is the French tips which have a solid gold film instead of the usual white coating. They look luxurious and elegant.

​3. The Butterfly Effect

We adored this particular design because of its 3D effect. Not only do the glitters and rhinestones add depth and dimension to the butterfly making him stand above the nail itself, but the design makes him actually sprawl across two nails. Apart from that, the color combination is outstanding. The fingernails are painted in simple black and nude, to make the rhinestone butterfly stand out even more. The effect is classy with a touch of wow!

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​4. The Neutral Zone

Is there anyone out there who doesn’t love the neutrals? There are three areas in which we, ladies, adore to wear neutrals. When it comes to our shoes, to our lipsticks, and to our nails. However, we know that it’s good to mix in a bit of excitement here and there, just to keep things fun. This is exactly what these nails are all about. Paint four of them in the neutral of your choice and one of them glitzy and glamorous. We suggest you make it golden or silver.

​5. Rose Gold

There’s one sure way in which you can be as fashionable as possible, and that is combining two trends. In this case, we have squoval nails, which are all the hype right now and rose gold, which has been everyone’s favorite color for the past few years and it doesn’t seem like it’s going anywhere anytime soon. For even more nail drama, add a few jumbo glitter particles that will shine when the light hits your nails. Make sure they are in the same rose gold shade as the nail polish you used for your base.

Here are five squoval nail designs for you choose from. You can wear them on a typical day at the office or even on your wedding because that is the beauty of squoval nails. They are elegant and classy enough to fit any occasion.

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