Now that summer is here, any girl wants to know some spray tan tips when she may be too busy to get to the beach. If your summer destination does not include going to the beach, but you still want to have tanned legs, let’s see how we can help you get it.

Spray Tan Tips for Amazing Tanned Legs

Using spray tan can come in handy when you cannot go to the beach, or you have sun allergies. You will still get a healthy tan without any sun exposure. Furthermore, having a fake tan protects you from UV rays’ dangerous effects that can severely affect your skin. Instead of worrying about sun lotion or after-sun sprays, you can enjoy an awesome tan without all this fuss.

Before purchasing a spray tan, you may want to learn some spray tan tips to obtain the best results.

Exfoliate before spray tan

Before you spray that magical thing that will make your skin look amazing, make sure you shower and exfoliate your skin. Use a body scrub to make sure you get rid of flaky skin. If your skin is refreshed and soft, the spray tan will smoothly adhere to it. Therefore, you will get an even fake tan.

You cannot scrub it off

It is true that your spray tan will eventually fade away as your skin regenerates, but it will not simply scrub off. You need to know that, depending on the quality of your spray tan, it may last up to a week or so. Therefore, when you apply it, you need to be very cautious because you may get stuck with an unnatural tan for a week. Pay attention to the amount of spray tan and try to evenly apply it on your body.

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These spray tan tips can help you learn how use it to avoid unnatural tan.

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Use lotion on a daily basis

Make sure you maintain your skin hydrated. After applying your spray tan, you should use a lotion every day to maintain your skin smooth and moisturized. Furthermore, this is the best method you could use to keep that color for a longer period of time.

It gets darker after applying it

Don’t worry! Even if your skin doesn’t instantly look tanned, it will get darker after the application. Make sure you do not exfoliate your skin too much after applying the spray. Also, avoid using coarse washcloths or loofahs.

Wear nail polish

When applying the spray, make sure you wear nail polish to protect your nails. Even if you have a full manicure and your nails get ruined, do not worry. The spray tan will wash off of your nail polish.

Bathing suit

Before applying the spray, make sure you wear an old bathing suit that you don’t mind ruining. The spray tan can damage the suit, making stains that won’t come off.

Use barrier cream

Do not apply spray tan unless you applied the barrier cream first! Areas like your elbows, knees, and ankles will definitely absorb more color. Make sure they do not get too dark by applying a barrier cream.

Wrapping up

All these tips and tricks will help you learn how to correctly apply and use a spray tan to get the best results. Make sure your fake tan does not look unnatural.