Nowadays, there are other more modern ways to do a manicure than the classic one. Normally, you would soak your hands in water before doing your manicure. Well, you can now opt for a dry or waterless procedure. Instead of using water, and then apply a normal polish, you can now use a spray on nail polish instead. You can even do this at home, by yourself. Let’s see both pros and cons of this solution and some useful tips on how to apply it correctly.

Pros and Cons of Spray On Nail Polish

Spray On Nail Polish Advantages

  • Spray on method is better for soft and thin nails. Water can modify your nails’ shape, especially if they are thinner or softer than the regular ones.
  • It’s easier to apply, especially if you are not a pro at doing the perfect manicure.
  • Your nails will have an even look obtained in just a couple of seconds. If you are in a hurry, but you don’t want to leave the house without a proper manicure, spray on nail polish is the best choice you can make.
  • Even though it lasts only three to five days, you will obtain a glossy, stylish look.

Spray On Nail Polish Disadvantages

  • It can make a mess, especially if you don’t use a cardboard or a piece of paper. Spraying one nail at a time is impossible. Therefore, you will have to go back and forth, spraying it all over. Your hands will get stained, but don’t worry, it is easy to remove it with water, just right after your nails get dry.
  • It lasts only a couple of days, which is a little less than the normal nail polish.
  • This nail polish comes only in glossy colors, having a certain glow. So, if you are looking for a matte manicure, spray on nail polish is not the right choice for you.

Spray On Nail Polish Main Steps

spray on nail polish

  • Start with a base coat layer for protection. Let it dry for a couple of minutes.
  • Now it is time to spray the polish. It will get a little messy, as I mentioned previously because you cannot do one nail at a time. It almost feels like painting graffiti. I strongly recommend you to place your hand on cardboard or at least a large piece of paper to avoid stains.
  • Go back and forth with the spray bottle until all nails are completely covered with the polish. Then, let it dry. It will only take about five minutes to be completely dried.
  • It is time to apply a protective top coat. Wait a few minutes until it dries, and then wash off the polish stain of your hands. You will just need a soap and water to get them out of your fingers. Some of you might even need nail polish remover.

Let’s Recap

When using a spray on nail polish, you will only need a maximum of 15 minutes to complete the entire process, from cleaning your nails to applying the polish and removing the stains. Even though it creates a mess on your hands at first, after you clean them up, you will obtain a glossy and stylish manicure.



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