Would you like to have long and beautiful nails without worrying about maintaining them on a regular basis? Then you’re going to love solar nails. They’re a type of artificial nails that are applied to your natural nails using gel and glue. Even though they’re quite similar to acrylic nails, they’re more durable, lasting for about 4 weeks. They’re resistant and they provide a shiny and polished look that will make your nails look amazing. Today, we’ve prepared 10 solar nail designs that can serve as inspiration this summer.

10 Solar Nail Designs for the Warm Season

1. Pink and Pink

This is a twist on the “Pink and Whites” design that involves white tips. Instead of white, this summer, you should try to make your nails more colorful by replacing the white with glittery pink. We guarantee your nails will be the center of attention at all times. You can find this model on the Forever Nails Dallas website.

nails with pink tips

2. Touch of Green

Since summer is the season of daring colors, why not paint your nails bright green? Sure, you can simply stick to the color, but you can also add a faint glitter on top of it or make some of the nails stand out with a creative design just like in the image from Nails-Designs.

green and silver nails

3. Bold Black

Even if bright colors are more than encouraged during the warm season, that doesn’t mean you can’t stand out with some daring black and gold nails. Don’t be afraid to experiment with some glitter or paint something on top of the black gel, like in the model offered by NailDesignCode.

nails painted black

4. Crushed Glass

These really unique solar nails give out the impression of crushed glass, which will definitely make your nails stand out. We love the fact that the colors are vibrant and go so well together. You can find this particular model on Drupalgenerator.com.

nails with multicolored tips

5. Delicate White

White nails are also very much “in” this season. You could put a twist on the traditional French tip by adding some lines and dots and topping everything off with silver glitter, like in the design below from Londonbeep.com.

silver and white nail design

6. Glittery Bow

If you’re a fan of bows, we recommend this solar nail design that combines glitter and a deep purple bow on top of French tip nails. Three bows on one hand are more than enough to make your manicure stand out, as you can see from the design found on FMag.

french manicure with bows

7. Superhero Nails

Channel your inner superhero with these colorful and creative nails from Nailkart.com! The combination of red, blue, and yellow, complemented by the Superman logo is everything a superhero fan could ever ask for in a nail design.

nails with the superman logo

8. Leopard Design

Leopard print will probably always be “in”, and it’s definitely “in” now, so we recommend giving it a shot by working with black and nude and using your creativity. You can find the design below on the Hellofrombyyourstruly.com.

nails with leopard print

9. Burgundy Elegance

If you’re looking for some really elegant solar nail designs, this burgundy one from Solar Nails Westport will definitely take your breath away. The simple shine of the paint, paired with the subtle glitter adorning one of the nails is definitely an example of elegance and class.

dark burgundy nails

10. Glittery Gold

The final suggestion we have for you today involves glitter as well, this time gold one. Pair it with some white paint and you’ll get a fantastic manicure in no time. You can find this nail design on Mynailideas.net.

white nails with gold glitter

We hope these 10 solar nail designs have provided you with the inspiration you needed to make your nails shine this season.

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