If you’re like me, you are probably terrified of snakes. Only the idea of meeting a snake gives me the creeps. However, snake venom is more and more popular in the beauty industry. Some say it is the ultimate product that fights aging signs and wrinkles. Let’s see if it really works and if it can be an alternative to other cosmetic procedures such as Botox.

How Does Snake Venom Work?

Snake venom is the snake’s weapon or its defense mechanism. When a snake is under attack or it attacks its prey, this creature bites while injecting a powerful toxin through its fangs. It seems that this toxin or venom numbs the muscles, leaving its prey paralyzed, unable to fight back.

Due to this effect of freezing muscles, snake venom has become a popular anti-aging miracle. However, you should never use the toxin in its raw state because it is highly poisonous. The beauty industry utilized the concept of snake venom and created its own replica, making perfectly safe creams. It reduces fine lines as well as wrinkles, providing a smooth skin. Unlike Botox, this cream is pain-free and a lot safer. You will not risk severe side effects such as redness, irritations, and infections.

Pros and Cons of Snake Venom Creams

applying a face cream on a woman's face


  • It is a pain-free beauty product. It is only topically applied and has fewer side effects than other cosmetic procedures.
  • If used daily, it has quick results in reducing and eliminating wrinkles.
  • It makes your complexion smoother and refreshed, creating a younger-looking appearance.


  • You shouldn’t use the cream when you feel stressed out. Snake venom will tense even more your facial muscles.
  • Use the products in a cautious way. Even though some specialists say the cream is not harmful, others are concerned about whether it can reach the bloodstream or not. Don’t apply too much.

Can Snake Venom Be an Effective Alternative to Botox?

Snake venom fights against aging signs, reducing and even eliminating fine lines and wrinkles. Moreover, it is better than Botox in certain ways, because it doesn’t have the same side effects or risks. Snake venom creams won’t numb your muscles like Botox does, and you will still be able to move your face, showing different expressions.

This product was a great hit even among celebrities like Victoria Beckham, Katie Holmes, and Kate Moss. Their statements prove this cream really works. Not being injected into the face, like Botox, snake venom creams don’t deeply penetrate your skin. Also, even though it is a noninvasive cosmetic product, you can still see results soon after its use. Usually, it takes minimum three days to achieve results, if you use the cream every day.

Let’s Recap

Whether you use a cream that contains a synthetic venom or one that has a small amount of natural snake venom, you should use these products with caution. For your safety, you should consult a dermatologist before choosing and using this kind of cream.

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