From K-Beauty to J-Beauty, all these Asian beauty trends are taking over the world. And in fact, these two trends should not be confounded nor taken as one and the same because they are completely different. Korean beauty trends have started this craze, and now, it seems that Japanese trends are taking the world by storm. If K-Beauty has taught us about things like the cloudless skin, it’s time for J-Beauty to teach us something new and exciting. In this article, we will offer you a very simple guide on what this new trend means and what you should know about it. Here we go!

The idea that makes J-Beauty so unique is that to follow it; you should only use Japanese beauty products. These are all derived from this amazing culture, from their habits and methods. According to Miyabi Kumagai, who is the Shiseido Brand Manager, Japanese beauty philosophy closely resembles the health care philosophy. She says that the Western culture is more focused on correcting the problems after they have already occurred, whereas Japanese culture is based more on prevention. The Japanese believe that all beauty lies in a healthy and dewy skin, so that’s their main focus.

What is J-Beauty?

We have already heard about K-Beauty, but how it differs from the new J-Beauty? Miyabi explains that all those trends and devices from Korea are based on instantaneous results. You may have seen those drastic before and after pictures online. That is their philosophy, and it’s based on immediate results. When it comes to Japanese beauty routines, it is based more on the long-run process. For example, a product coming from Japan will never be released without being 100% beneficial and when its manufacturer is certain about its qualities.

Why now?

But what took us so long to discover these Asian beauty trends? First the K-Beauty, and now the J-Beauty. Well, it seems that those are nothing new in Asia, and have always been very popular. However, the Western culture is only now discovering them. Apart from this, Miyabi thinks it may be because Japanese people are always discrete and very humble. They never wanted to brag about their beauty secrets to the outside world. So, we had to dive in and discover them ourselves. The Japanese also like to draw inspiration from the Western culture and would never think that something of theirs would actually inspire the West.

What’s so different?

Still, what sets Japanese products apart from Western ones? Miyabi explains that the efficacy of products like foundations, creams, and SPF products is more advanced over there. Because of intensive research, the Japanese market is often the first to come up with new formulas. And it’s not only about skin care, but Japanese makeup is also very long-lasting and has some amazing textures. But what should we learn regarding skincare from the Japanese? Miyabi says that deep cleansing is the key. For example, Japanese women always spend at least an hour in the bath. It’s like spa day every day of the week for them.

In conclusion

So, what do you think about J-Beauty and its methods and secrets? Do you find it, along with K-Beauty, interesting? Are you going to try these products? Tell us your opinion down below!

Image source: maxpixel