Just how important having the best hair color for your skin tone is? The answer is obvious: the most important thing ever! The most suited hair color can make all the difference in the world. It completes your look, it makes choosing your makeup colors easy and it is simply a big part of who you are. However, sometimes, if you are not trained in color theory, it can be almost impossible for you to choose the perfect color. You should know which hues are the most flattering and which are not suited for you, and this takes some training. But this is why we are here, to deliver good news and to make things easy to understand and apply.

We have prepared a simple guide that should help you choose the best hair color for your skin tone without much problems. But as with any other guide, we should start at the beginning. The most basic thing you should know is that there are four main types of skin tones. They are WINTER, SPRING, AUTUMN and SUMMER. It can get a little bit confusing, but it’s actually really simple. The second step is to find out which of those skin types you have. And here is where we come in.

The Winter skin type

The Winter type is part of the group of cool-toned skin types. It’s easy to figure out if you are one. Light skin with pink undertones? Winter. Dark hair? Winter. You don’t really tan? Again, Winter. See how simple it is? The best hair colors for you are those dark browns and blacks, jet black, a white blonde or a dark red, if you have green eyes. You should by any means avoid copper red and caramels.

The Spring skin type

This is the second skin type that’s part of the cool-toned ones. The characteristics are again, a fair skin with light eye colors, the possibility to tan a little bit better than Winter, and probably a dirty blonde natural hair color. The best hair colors for you are a platinum or an icy blonde along with those ashy browns and blondes. You should strongly avoid the honey blonde, the golden brown and basically everything that has an orange base.

The Autumn skin type

This is the first warm-toned skin type that we will talk about. You have that shiny natural skin tone that can easily tan along with a rich, dark brown natural hair color. Even if you are pale, your skin still has an olive base, hence the tanning. You should choose caramel tones, chocolate browns, and even honey and golden blondes. Avoid the platinum blonde colors and the ashy brown colors.

The Summer skin type

The last skin tone that we will talk about is the Summer one. If you have a golden, olive skin that easily tans you are most likely a Summer. You can mostly try a variety of colors but be careful to avoid blacks and ashy hues.


In conclusion, what did you think about our guide on how to choose the best hair color for your skin tone? Did it help you? Is it now easier for you to choose? Let us know below!

Image source: pixnio