It’s amazing what a few flowers on your nails can do. Perfect for a special occasion as well as to brighten your everyday life, nail art and flower designs, in particular, add depth and dimension to your fashion style. But what if you want to do them at home? Here are four beauty vloggers who will teach us how to do a simple flower nail design in a matter of minutes. You’re welcome!

1. The Simple Flower Nail Design by CloeCouture

This fun and cute tutorial by CloeCouture is so easy to do that we were actually compelled to try it ourselves. She starts off with a natural base coat by O.P.I. As soon as it’s dry, Cloe continues with a delicious hot pink nail polish by the same O.P.I, in the shade called My Chihuahua Bites. How cool is that? Yeah, we’re already in love with this beauty vlogger for her creativity alone.

Next, she creates little white dots with a Princeton white nail tool which she then smears until they become flower petals. Then comes a rhinestone in the middle and voila. A tutorial like no other!


2. The Simple Flower Nail Design by Nail Diaries by Ruby Naidu

The reason why we chose this nail tutorial is that, apart from nail polish, all you need are a bunch of toothpicks. Therefore, you can easily do it at home, no extra nail tools and spending money involved. Way to go Ruby Naidu! She begins with her nails already prepped and ready in a fantastic turquoise shade. She then proceeds to add some buttery yellow polka dots with a good, old-fashioned tooth pick. Totally adorbs!

To create the flowers, the process starts off in the same way. Five yellow polka dots and a toothpick. Drag the pointy end through the dots while they are still wet to create the petals. Add a clear top coat, and you’re done.

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3.  The Simple Flower Nail Design by Nail Diaries by nails4sanam

Our third flower tutorial may look a little more intricate but believe us. It’s not. Once we reverse engineer it and show you how it’s done, you won’t get enough of nails4sanam. By the way, here is her YouTube channel for more awesome videos.

Her base coat is a shade called Blue Collar by Orly, and we are dying for it, to be honest. She then uses the Mint Apple shade from Sinful Colors on the top of her nail to create a bit of ombre through the sponge technique.

Next stop is Sally Hansen’s Fanta-Sea, which she uses in the middle of the nail as a sort of a transition between the Blue Collar base and the Mint Apple ombre. Then comes the actual flower design for which she uses white paint. She creates three flowers on each nail, but you can have as many as you like. At the center, she places silver rhinestones for some extra bling, then a top coat to keep everything in place and her work is done. We are dazzled.


Final Words

How about you? Are you impressed with just how easy it is to do a simple flower nail design at home? Our three beauty vloggers surely make it look so. Why don’t you give it a try and then let us know in the comment section below what pieces of artwork you came up with?