People started decorating their nails some thousands of years ago so it may surprise some that this apparently modern trend is not so modern after all. Of course, they had different reasons back then, but the essence if nail art has remained.

The trends that we have now have been altered to fit the modern times; the technique has evolved as well as the designs which have become more intricate. So, taking this into account and considering how many options we now have to choose from, why shouldn’t you always decorate your nails?

This time, we will show you some of the nicest and elegant yet straightforward striped nail designs which you might want to try out this season.  

You should keep in mind that we are not talking about expensive and luxurious manicures. There are a few simple and inexpensive ways in which you can decorate your nails to look amazing. The number of techniques that you can use is countless, but today we will be focusing on the striping nail art that has become so fashionable lately. Here we go! 


1. Half-colored, half-natural nails 


You don’t need a lot of things to create those striped nail designs. Apart from colored nail polish, you will need striping tape and a top coat to smoothly finish everything off. In the case of the half-colored half-natural nails, the technique is self-explanatory.

  • Paint your striping tape in a different color than the one you want to use.
  • Then, pain half of your nail with the desired nail polish, apply the tape and leave the other half natural.
  • The only thing left now is a top coat to make the manicure look professional.
  • You can even use gold, silver, copper or glittery striping tape, paired with any other color you want. It’s all up to you!



2. Elegant black and white design 


This is probably one of the most elegant striped nail designs out there. You should only make two of your nails striped and paint the remaining ones in black or white.

  • With a very thin brush, apply vertical stripes in the opposite color on the nail you want to decorate.
  • So, on a black nail, you will apply white stripes and the other way around.
  • Finish with a top coat that is preferably matte for that extra elegance.
  • This design also works best on longer nails.  



3. Minimalistic manicure 


The third striped nail art design is the minimalistic one.

  • You need to start by fully painting your nails in whatever color you like.
  • Then, with a dotting instrument (or the tip of a toothpick) decorate four of your nails with one single dot in another color.
  • Your ring finger should be the star here. On it, draw a slim vertical line and apply a top coat.

This look is extremely elegant, versatile, and can be used for any occasion. It’s so minimalistic that many people won’t even notice the simple design, but it makes a difference.  


Summing it all up 


So, what do you think of our list of simple yet elegant striped nail designs? Will you try them yourself for this season? Inform us about your opinion down below! 


Image source: Flickr