You may know that moment when your hair starts having a mind of its own. It no longer stays how you style it, it always looks bad, no matter what you are applying to it, and it just feels gross. Well, those are some of the clearest signs that you need to get a haircut as soon as possible, or at least a trim. Technically, you are supposed to get a trim every six to eight weeks, but who does that? This is why, in this article, we will talk about when to get a haircut, according to what your hair says.

Everyone knows that moment when you swear that you will get a pixie cut or bangs. However, when the moment comes to book an appointment at a hair salon, you suddenly forget your promise. You should know that you shouldn’t resort to such drastic measures if you no longer like your hair. You may simply need a trim or a haircut, which should not be that short or bold. Keep it simple but keep it healthy too! Here are some of the most obvious signs that you are in dire need of a haircut! Enjoy!

Split ends

When your hair starts breaking, or you notice a lot of split ends, that is your sign! This is what usually makes your hair look uneven and weird, and it’s easy to figure out if you have split ends. They are uneven, and sometimes, they are actually split. But if you are not sure, twist a small section of your hair around your fingers. Your split ends will stick out immediately.

Tangled hair

No, we are not talking about Rapunzel and her golden hair here, but about actual hair that tangles no matter what you do. This is also derived from split ends, as they can make your hair knot more easily and give you a hard time. Also, the more you try to brush or tug it, the worse it becomes. The solution? A trim!

Longer styling routine

This may not be the most obvious sign that you’re in need of a cut, but trust us, it is! So, if you notice that your hair styling routine takes longer than usual even if you’re following the same steps, it’s time for a cut! Even if you simply air dry your hair, if it takes 30 minutes when it usually took only 15, it’s time for a salon visit!

Lack of volume

Another sign is when your hair becomes flatter and duller than usual. If you notice this, it’s probably because of the increased weight of your hair. This is when you know you need to get a haircut. Your hair may also take an unusual shape, especially if you have curly hair. For example, it will look like a triangle. If you have short hair, it will look more like a bubble. No matter the shape, a trim is what you need.

Summing it all up

So, what did you think about this guide on when to get a haircut? Did these signs appear for you too? Did you ignore them or go for a trim? Tell us your stories down below!

Image source: pixabay