Using Expired Makeup

Everyone see the expiration date on your foundation, mascara, and liquid eyeliner, but does anyone actually listen to it? Typically,  nobody does, but there are some definite risks that come with using makeup past its expiration date. Different types of makeup, however, can have their life prolonged up to a year! Keep reading to find out when you should toss that old mascara or blush.


Ah yes, mascara, the must-have of all makeup products. Most girls refuse to leave the house if the don’t have even a little bit of mascara on their lashes. Let’s be honest, mascara is a life saver, making your lashes look twice the size and twice as dark; but you don’t want to your under eyes or eyelids to be twice as dark, right? Well if you keep trying to make your mascara last one more day, the product will start flaking off onto your skin around your eyes! Avoid the not-so-classic raccoon eye and toss your mascara after two to three months


After a while, I’m sure you noticed that even your favorite, most expensive foundation starts to separate. Do NOT use your foundation once it begins separating. The oily ingredients in your foundation will rise to the top of the bottle and your foundation will not work like it used to. If you get that oil on your skin you are practically guaranteed a fresh breakout; then you’re going to need to buy a new foundation. Do yourself a favor, and don’t let it get to that point by throwing out that foundation as soon as you see a funky texture or any separation occurring. applying foundation with a brush

Compact Blushes or Powders

You know, they come with a mirror and a little pad for application? We all use them, compact blushes and powders can be lifesavers to say the least. And thank goodness they can withstand almost anything! These powders can live for several years; you may, however want to scrape a bit off of the top every so often just to freshen it up before freshening up your blush!

Cream Products or Lipsticks

Those small, easily-portable tubes of blush or lipstick are a girls best friend, right? Well with a lifespan of a year or two, I’d say so! These products are amazing if you find just the right shade and you want to last as long as possible. Chances are, with only needing to be replaced after a year or so, you will empty out the tube well before it truly expires. So, enjoy that perfectly smoothwine shade of lipstick, because it will last!

Best Matte Lipstick Application

Whether it be mascara or lipstick, it all has a done-date, some just sooner than others! So after reading this, you know just when to toss that foundation to avoid any future break outs. Do yourself a favor and take care of your skin and face by updating your makeup collection before it’s too late and all of your makeup expires!