Let’s admit the obvious truth. We all love a great haircut regardless of our age or gender. Women especially love to have a great haircut, and this is even more important when we are talking about short haircuts. Unfortunately, we know the struggle of finding the perfect style to suit both your features and your tastes. And it’s also very easy to fall into the trap of fashion magazines that don’t seem to stop suggesting ideas. The trick is to make sure that the haircut you love also suits you well. If you also want to incorporate bangs into your style, it can get even trickier. This is the part where we come to help you. Here are some ideas of very short haircuts with bangs that you will immediately want to try. They will surely make you want to chop those locks you have!

1.      Pixie with some bangs

A pixie cut is usually adorable. That’s actually where its name comes from because pixies are sweet and small, and we cannot help but love them. Now imagine how much cooler some bangs would make that pixie cut. While it is a bold change indeed, you will surely attract attention everywhere you go. The hair is very short at the back and it has long strands at the top. This style also works with pretty much any texture and color. Try dying your hair a platinum blond if you are brave enough. If not, a classic color works wonders too.

2.      The pixie bob

This hairstyle is exactly what its name suggests. It is basically a very short bob which has the attitude of a pixie cut. With layers that offer it texture and dimension, this look is a gorgeous one which can also prove elegant at times. It is especially suited for heart-shaped faces but people with different face shapes can also try it successfully.

3.      The structured pixie

Remember when Emma Watson shocked everyone with her very short pixie cut? It shocked us for a minute too, but then we absolutely adored that look on her. The asymmetrical bangs, the gentle layers and Emma’s perfect features made her look like the perfect model for this look. You can try it too, especially if you are someone with a taste for switching up styles. Any color works for this haircut as well as any type of makeup. Just experiment with it!

4.      The turquoise pixie

If you want to go even bolder with your new pixie haircut you can try dying it a crazy color. We suggest turquoise as it’s very trendy this year and you will certainly turn some heads. This do is strong but yet subtle. It works best with an equally subtle makeup or only with red lips and a nude eye makeup. It is entirely your choice!


What did you think about these very short haircuts with bangs? Would you have the courage to chop off your long locks and try something bolder? After all, it’s all in the attitude. Let us know your stories!

Image source: pexels