The invention of sew in hair extensions was for hair and beauty what sliced bread was for lunch. You just put them in and be on your way. There’s no need for hassle or wasted time, worrying about growing your own hair, waiting around until your locks are Rapunzel size and all that. However, is there a dark side to sew in that we might not know about? This is sew in hair extensions pros and cons, so read all the way through to find out.

The Pros

  1. If you spring for the best sew in hair extensions, as you should, they will be made of real hair. In other words, you can escape that artificial, plastic look fake extensions get after you start wearing and washing them a few times. Do you remember that hair your dolls used to get when you played with them as a little girl? There will be none of that with natural hair extensions.
  2. Sew in hair extensions cause the less damage. Seeing as they are ‘sew in,’ which actually means that they have been braided alongside your natural hair, they will not harm you in any way. The alternative would be the ones you glue in.
  3. They are extremely versatile. You can remove them anytime you want, cut them as short as you please or dye them any shade you choose. Natural hair can support any change you can possibly dream of. All you need to do is get creative with your look and find a good stylist. Let’s see the other side of sew in hair extensions pros and cons.

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The Cons

  1. Seeing as they are braided and using a very tight type of braid, they typically itch and feel uncomfortable. Some women state that it takes some time to get used to sew in hair extensions, while others say they simply hurt too much. The braids have to be extremely tight so as to be able to keep the extensions in place. As a matter of fact, the longer the hair, the tighter the braid will be because it’s heavier. But this also means it will hurt a bit more.
  2. They have a very short ‘shelf life’ so to speak. In other words, they only last between six to eight weeks. In fact, the extensions will last even less if you cannot take care of them properly. By extension, pun intended, this means that a lot of money spent on your side almost bi-monthly.
  3. Bacteria growth is a real thing. Seeing as the hair you are wearing on a daily basis is very much real human hair but is not yours, it will grow bacteria if you do not wash it properly or on a regular basis. As a consequence, your hygiene program needs to become incredibly strict when wearing sew in hair extensions, especially if they are natural.

Here are the sew in hair extensions pros and cons we promised. How do you feel about this hairstyle after reading them? Write to us in the comment section below and let us know because we would love to hear all about your experiences with hair extensions.