Dentist phobia is real, even for something as seemingly simple as getting rid of stains. With Rockstar White Teeth whitening products, you can allegedly get all the desired professional effects without the visit to a dentist’s office. Is this really true? Do they actually work the way they promise to work? Most importantly, are there any aspects that could potentially make it unsafe? Let’s find out.

Are Rockstar White Teeth Whitening Products Safe?

Rockstar talks about this matter, making the following declaration to explain their products’ safety implications.

“We use a proprietary buffering agent that maintains a neutral pH during the whitening process, that calms the nerves and prevents etching and dehydration of the teeth.” They also back up their statement through a brief explanation of Dr. Hewletts of University of Auburn. “There’s overwhelming evidence that when used as directed, bleaching does not cause permanent damage to teeth or gums,” she stated.

In other words, virtually any product that aims to help you whiten your teeth is safe to use as long as you properly follow the application instructions. Aside from the guidelines regarding the use of the general public, there are also some noteworthy directions for specific instances.

  • You shouldn’t use any of their products if you are pregnant or nursing.
  • The minimum age of use is 14.
  • Do not use the products if you have uncontrolled diabetes.
  • If regular fluoride use has left your teeth really damaged, your effects may be more limited than usual.

An Overview of the Rockstar Products

If you’re interested in owning one of these home-use kits, you have two options that you can opt for.

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Inside of this kit, you will find two main components:

  • A specially designed mouthpiece for a custom fit.
  • A syringe for the gel application.

Don’t let the word ‘syringe’ intimidate you, though, since it’s not the scary needle that everyone is trying to avoid. You use it in order to squeeze the whitening gel into the mouthpiece, which you mold to fit your teeth for a proper usage. There are plenty of applications in that one syringe, warranting as many as 27 uses through one kit alone. As a nice little bonus, the packaging is also colored pink, which signifies Rockstar’s support in the fight against breast cancer.

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This kit is essentially the same as the previous, the only difference apparently being the coloring of the packaging.

In both instances, though, applying the gel is fairly easy! All you need to do is to brush your teeth beforehand, apply a line of gel to the mouthpiece, and then bite down on it. You should keep it on for around 30 minutes. You may notice results after the first use, but for optimal results, undergo a seven-day long treatment.

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Wrapping Up

In conclusion, we’re pretty happy to declare the Rockstar White Teeth whitening products as safe to use since they are actually really effective. As long as you follow the basic directions and make sure you’re not one of the exceptions, it’s a green light for a really practical and neat product!