Learning how to remove waterproof mascara can actually spare you some time, avoiding to use unnecessary amounts of cleansing milk or products which are not destined for eye makeup removing.

Most women tend to spend over 20 minutes on their eye makeup. After so much effort, you won’t expect it to run down your face. Therefore, you may choose to wear waterproof mascara. However, after wearing your makeup the whole day, you will need to find a way to remove it.

Nevertheless, if you want to avoid rubbing, pulling out your lashes or scrubbing, you need to learn some techniques that will help you to easily get rid of it. Removing waterproof formulas is no fun at all. Let’s see some tips and tricks that could help us.

How to PROPERLY Remove Your Makeup and Waterproof Mascara! | Stephanie Lange

Stephanie Lange

You will need a good eye makeup remover like Australian Pure Beauty and some cotton pads. Make sure you soak four or five cotton pads in eye makeup remover. Take one of them and place it over your entire eye, but do not press. You can do some tapping movements. In this way, your eye makeup remover will gently start to disintegrate the makeup before you start to rub it. After keeping the cotton pad there for almost a minute, start to gently rub the eye area.

You will see that after you remove the cotton pad, all your makeup is there. Fold the pad in four and work the point through the roots of your lashes. In the end, use a warm washcloth to gently wipe your eyes.

FAQ: How to Remove Mascara Without Losing Eyelashes

You should try some eye makeup remover that won’t make your eyelashes shed. Do not rub your eyes when removing eye makeup because this can cause premature wrinkles and fine lines. You can use an eye makeup remover, like the Roc cleansing milk, or avocado oil for skin to obtain better results. Put some of your eye makeup remover on your hand and then apply it on your eyes. Keep your eyes closed.

Then, gently massage your eyes with your fingers while the makeup remover is still there. Go up and down your lashes using your index finger to get rid of that waterproof mascara. Use a baby wipe to remove all the mixture of makeup with cleansing milk. Now, if you were to choose avocado oil instead of a makeup remover, it may help you more. However, it depends on your preferences.

How to Remove Eye Make-up – Even Waterproof! (Lash Care)

by TheMakeupChair

You could use some lash serum to hydrate your eyelashes. Make sure you take proper care of your lashes before applying any mascara. Take a cotton pad and some baby oil. You can use an oil-based eye makeup remover or a water-based eye makeup remover. It depends on your preferences. Put some baby oil on the cotton pad and place it over your eyes. Instead of violently rubbing your eyes with that cotton pad, just hold it there for a few seconds while it breaks down all the waterproof mascara.

Then, just wipe down the eyelid, sweeping your eyelashes. Repeat this move a few times but do it gently. If you still have some residues underneath your eyes, grab some q-tips and use baby oil to remove them.

Wrapping It Up

These tutorials can help you learn how to remove waterproof mascara with less effort. Make sure you use appropriate products and do not scrub the eye area. Otherwise, you may trigger the occurrence of fine lines and wrinkles. Always remember to maintain the area around your eye hydrated.


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