Stress, fatigue, and pollutants may trigger the occurrence of dry itchy skin in some people. However, plenty other factors contribute to rashes or skin irritations like air fresheners, cleaning products, and laundry detergents. All these products that maintain your house and laundry clean deprive your skin of its natural oils and water.

This is how irritation and dryness install, making room for more aggravating affections like dermatitis and eczemas.

Solve your dry itchy skin problem

Your face, as well as the skin on your arms and legs, can become dry and irritated due to pollution and household detergents. It is sufficient for your skin to come in contact with detergents’ vapors, without spilling any of those solutions directly onto your skin. Remember that your skin is sensitive and you always need to hydrate and protect it.

Use gloves

Whenever you have to use any sort of detergent or cleaning products, make sure you put on some gloves to protect the skin on your hands. These household detergents may cause severe skin irritations and rashes. To preserve the softness of your skin, use some non-latex rubber gloves when you scrub your floors or dishes.

Post-swim shower

To maintain your entire skin hydrated, make sure that you take a shower after you go swimming in the pool. Skin’s worst enemy is chlorine, one of the substances in your pool’s water. Wash the chlorine off your body by using chemical-free water and mild soap. Furthermore, you should also use a glycerin-based moisturizer. Glycerin is known to prevent future dryness.

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Treat your dry itchy skin with petroleum jelly or an oatmeal bath to re-establish its health.

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Flaxseed and fish oil

If you generally have dry skin, then you should know that the environment, the changing of the seasons and also your age will worsen the dryness effect. That is why fish and flaxseed oils should be used. These contain essential fatty acids which nourish the skin while protecting it from damages caused by the environment. Make sure you add fish and flaxseed oil to your diet to maintain your skin moisturized.

Petroleum jelly

To avoid having dry itchy skin, you should also try using pure petroleum jelly. When your skin touches household products, then its protective barrier is damaged by the toxic substances. Furthermore, if you apply a moisturizer full of chemicals on an affected area, then chances are that you will get skin irritation, redness, itching and stinging.

Petroleum jelly comes to the rescue, being very gentle to your skin. This product is a dry skin soother which can be used in all areas of your body. You can apply it at any time and as often as you like.


Some specialists also indicate that oatmeal is a useful remedy for dry, itchy skin when it gets affected by household detergents. Oatmeal contains avenanthramides which fight redness and inflammation. Therefore, your itch will go away in a jiffy. First, grind some oatmeal and add it to the tub while the water is running. Take an oatmeal bath, and your skin will feel a lot better.

Gathering our brushes

All these tips and tricks can help you treat your dry itchy skin, preventing irritations and a wide range of skin affections. Make sure you maintain your skin hydrated and you always protect it when using household cleaning products.

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