If you want to reduce your daily time spent on styling your hair, you should consider a protective hairstyle. African-American women are lucky enough to have thick and dense locks. Don’t worry about the difficulty of shaping your hair into breathtaking hairstyles. We have the optimum solutions for you. If you want to have a stylish look while maintaining your locks healthy, you should try one of the below-presented protective hairstyles for short natural hair.

The Best Protective Hairstyles for Short Natural Hair

an afro-american woman with cornrows hairstyle

#1. Cornrows Hairstyles

Cornrows are a versatile hairstyle. They can be worn in so many ways and varieties. There are endless options and possibilities when it comes to this look. They are zero maintenance as long as you keep your hair properly moisturized. Also, you should wear a silk scarf every night, to protect your cornrows. You can choose to wear thinner or thicker cornrows, combine with curly hair tops or buns. Just ask your hairstylist to make you feel confident and beautiful by doing this hairstyle.

#2. Classic Braids

An ideal hairstyle which is on one of the most protective hairstyles for short natural hair is the bob-length multiple braids style. These braids should cover all your head. Do you want to know what the best part of this protective hairstyle is? Well, besides the fact that it is a protective style, it also lasts longer than other hairdos. Furthermore, you will not have any troubles in maintaining it.

#3. Twisted Protective Style

If you have short natural hair, you know what I mean when I say it shrinks after every wash. This makes your locks seem more cropped than they are. Women that have this hair issue cannot create a classic updo. So, if you want to add flair and texture to your hair, you should consider braids or individual twists.

#4. Protective Turban or Headscarf

If you don’t have time to style your hair the way you want it, you can simply wear a cool protective turban or headscarf for a stylish retro look. Headscarves are a popular and chic look. Moreover, they don’t require too much effort from your side. You will get rid of the usual hustle that comes with styling your locks. Another great alternative is wearing a colorful turban which is a trendy statement, and it will offer your strands a break.

#5. Perfect Edged Curly Afro Puff

Don’t worry if you don’t have the necessary length to create a curly ponytail. Instead, you should try an afro puff, which is one of the trendiest and protective hairstyles for short natural hair. This style is beautiful, smooth and glossy. Therefore, you can easily wear it for events such as date nights or formal occasions.

Wrapping It Up

Our hair is subject to breakage, dryness, and damages, especially during colder weather. If you have shorter curly hair, you can stop worrying when it comes to ways to style and protect your locks. You should definitely consider trying one, several or all of the above protective hairstyle for short natural hair. Their maintenance requires little to no effort from your side, and they all last for weeks.

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