Who doesn’t know the struggle of keeping your perfectly-applied mascara from smudging? When it’s perfect, mascara makes your eyes pop, makes them brighter and even bigger. However, that smudged look only gives the impression of an entire night of partying, making your entire makeup look a lot more unattractive and messy. It’s important to know that mascara usually smudges because of the natural oils on the skin that’s around your eyes. They have a tendency of absorbing it, melting it and then causing it to smudge around the eyes, leading to those annoying dark and raccoon-like dark circles. This is precisely the reason why we have decided to write a guide on how to prevent mascara from smudging, in case you are also fighting this issue.

It’s important to know that there are a few tips and tricks that can help you when it comes to preventing the mascara from smudging. We will offer valuable details on some of the most effective and easy to adopt such tricks. After doing them, you will surely get rid of the smudging mascara issue that has, most probably, always bothered you, since you start applying makeup. Here we go!

1.      Avoid oil-based under eye creams!

This is one of the most important tips that you can learn. If you are used to applying a greasy, oil-based cream under your eyes as makeup base, stop doing it now! Unless you want smudged mascara. Your skin’s natural oils are already causing that, so there is no need to also apply an oily cream in that same area. It will only make things a lot worse, as it will make your mascara wet and cause it to smudge. The best alternative would be a very light water-based under eye cream that won’t make your mascara wet.

2.      Use waterproof mascara!

This is probably the alternative that everyone already knows but not many people apply. It is a specially-created formula of mascara that is a lot more water-resistant than regular formulas. Probably the easiest to follow tip out there, a waterproof mascara won’t smudge when it comes into contact with oils, whether from creams or natural ones, or water, in case you plan on swimming or it begins to rain unexpectedly. So, go buy a quality waterproof mascara if you are constantly struggling with raccoon-like dark circles around your eyes.

3.      Powder your under-eye area!

Face powder is like the Holy Grail when it comes to stopping mascara from smudging. Be careful to apply powder with either a powder puff or a brush under your eyes after applying mascara. It will absorb all the oils on your skin and keep it dry for me hours. Mascara is a lot less likely to smear if it comes in contact with a dry and powdery surface.

4.      Use clear mascara too!

Finally, the last tip is to apply a coat of clear mascara over your regular one, after it’s already dry. This will act like a seal and will also prevent the mascara from smudging.

In conclusion

So, what did you think about our guide on how to prevent mascara from smudging? Did you find these tips useful at all? Will you try them from now on when you’re doing your makeup? Let us know your opinions down below!

Image source: pixabay