Before you hit up the salon for a Brazilian do-over, you should know how to prepare for a bikini wax. Especially if it’s your first time, it can be pretty frightening to think about this experience. If you know the pain of waxing on any other body part in the first place, the anxiety of expectation is all the more intense. So, keep reading to discover the little things you can do to minimize ache and irritation during and after the wax, among other useful preparation tips.

How to Prepare for a Bikini Wax

#1 Trimming

Possibly out of the desire to minimize (or attempt to) the pain during the procedure, many shave beforehand, which is a counterproductive practice. When your hairs are shorter than a quarter of an inch, the wax won’t be able to rip out as many of them as possible. As a result, you will simply end up with a half-finished and hazardous work. Instead, trim your hairs to only a quarter of an inch or ask when making an appointment that the expert will do the job for you.

#2 Stay Oil-Free

Ensuring that your skin is oil-free and dry during a bikini wax will help soothe the irritation of the procedure. That being said, take a shower before heading for your appointment in order to wash off any excess oil. However, stay away from a moisturizer for the time being. At most, apply some baby powder to really keep the moisture at bay.

#3 Pain Preparation

There’s really no getting around the fact that it’s going to be painful – probably a lot too. Obviously, that is a variable depending on every person’s own pain tolerance, but it’s generally about as unpleasant as waxing can get. You should go for a bikini wax once you’ve gotten used to the procedure on other body parts, otherwise it might be too much to bear.

#4 Mark the Calendar

Naturally, your menstruation period is something that you’ll need to keep a watchful eye on in order to minimize the unpleasantness of a bikini wax. Don’t schedule an appointment within two-three days prior to that time of the month. Your skin tends to be much more sensitive during that time, making it more likely to enhance the pain.

#5 Pain Soothers

Before going for your appointment, take your normal dose of Ibuprofen. You will still feel the sting of a bikini wax during the procedure itself, but the aftermaths won’t be as horrible thanks to the effects of the Ibuprofen into your system.

#6 Get Comfortable

Anything that could make you feel even slightly more comfortable will weigh a lot during a process that takes the kind of toll a bikini wax does. That being said, head over to your appointment wearing some soft, breezy underwear to avoid furthering irritation.

Wrapping Up

And in conclusion, that was how to prepare for a bikini wax. Half of the work is mentally preparing yourself for the inevitable rush of pain that you’ll feel through the procedure. The other half is taking some physical steps to ensure you’ll minimize irritation. Check out this article for more on what to expect in your bikini wax.