Are you expecting a child and are you excited to gain that pregnancy glow that everyone is talking about? Even though there will be some hormonal changes that can make your skin look better, don’t expect miracles, though. Besides your face, your body skin will change too. Let’s see whether your complexion will glow or not during pregnancy.

What Does Pregnancy Glow Mean?

You can say that there is a pregnancy glow. This is because the levels of progesterone hormone will increase, which will lead to a better blood circulation throughout your entire body. Therefore, your skin will gain a pink rose sort of glow. Women’s organisms retain water and moisture during pregnancy. This is what makes your face plumper. In other words, you will have an instant facelift which will reduce your fine lines.

There are also other benefits you might experience, especially during the second trimester:

  • Your hair will grow thicker and healthier.
  • Your fingernails will grow faster.
  • You will have bigger breasts. They might increase with a couple of sizes.
  • You will feel much better compared to the first trimester.

Is Pregnancy Glow Real or Just a Myth?

a pregnant woman holding her hands on her belly looking happy and content

While pregnancy glow might be real due to the fact that your cells rejuvenate, pregnant women also experience some not-so-pleasant skin changes. First of all, you will retain water. This will make you feel uncomfortable, and your body will have a puffy look. If you have red areas on your face, they will probably become more visible during pregnancy.

Furthermore, your skin will produce more pigment to protect you from the sun. This will create brown patches on certain areas such as cheeks, forehead, and neck. These symptoms are those of chloasma, a skin condition caused by melanin excess. After you give birth, all these signs will go away. Until then, you can cover them up with hydrating foundation or even BB creams.

What Other Skin Issues You Might Experience During Pregnancy?

  • Acne. As I previously mentioned, due to hormonal changes, you might experience acne outbreaks. This happens because your skin will produce more oils to protect it.
  • Dark areas. Certain areas of your body will get darker. This is usually a reversible process. Your skin should get back to normal six months after you give birth.
  • Stretch marks. These will appear especially on your belly. However, not all women get them. It depends on many things such as your body type, genes, and more.

How to Take Care of Your Skin During Pregnancy?

Make sure to hydrate yourself. Drink plenty of water, eat healthy, and have a balanced lifestyle. Also, use moisturizing creams. Also, don’t forget to use sunscreen every time you go outdoors. During pregnancy, you should use mild face and body products such as those that don’t have fragrance. Don’t use scrub products. For any other treatments, you should consult your doctor because not all of them are safe for your child.

Final Words

If you have that pregnancy glow, good for you, enjoy it while it lasts. If you don’t have it, though, don’t fret about it. Both ways are totally normal. Your body changes show that the pregnancy goes well. If you have any other concerns, don’t hesitate to make an appointment with your gynecologist.

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