Palm painting is a new hair dying technique which seems to compete with the balayage technique. Probably, the palm painting hair dying technique will be the next most googled beauty question this year. When using this hair coloring method, your hair will get some natural-looking caramel locks, but without using the brushes.

Instead of reaching for the brushes to do a balayage, you will apply the hair dye on your hands. Therefore, your hairstylist will be able to melt the new color into your hair using their palms. In this way, the blend will be soft in the end. The innovative technique was invented by Marcos Verissimo. He is a color director at Neville Hair and Beauty.

Palm painting is the new balayage

The new hair dying method creates a summery, beachy look. Palm painting can help at refreshing previous highlights. Furthermore, it can also symmetrically brighten a plain color.

This method presupposes that the hairstylist will apply the hair color without following any pattern or structure, unlike balayage. Therefore, the harsh lines that may be visible when doing balayage will now disappear. The palm painting technique will allow a natural sunkissed finish.

Many hairstylists recommend this new technique because it brings more benefits. Apparently, this new hair dying method is better for your hair than the traditional foil method. The foil technique we were all accustomed to appears to weaken the hair follicles. Therefore, you will get a lighter color.

On the other hand, palm painting means that you apply the hair color directly onto your hair. Therefore, your hair will absorb the color organically. Furthermore, unless balayage which is a bit more complicated, you can do this by yourself, at home.

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Palm painting is an amazing hair dying method that does not need high maintenance.

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Try out this new hair coloring technique

The fact that this technique does not involve applying hair color to your roots, you will be able to obtain a nice hair color in the comfort of your home. However, you may go to the salon in case you experience color fade.

This amazing technique offers a more natural look which appears to be very summery as if you have been lying in the sun for hours a few days in a row. The balayage’s brush-free counterpart will make you look like a French girl. The new technique allows undyed hair to show through while the subtle difference offered by the thickness of the highlights will offer a fluid look.

Another advantage is that it is cheaper to maintain your hair color. Due to the fact that the highlights appear around the regrowth indicates that you can go months without re-dying your hair. Furthermore, this hair dying method is more suitable for long and medium-length hair. To play with different tones of color, you need length. Also, you should know that it is not strictly designed to work on blonde hair.

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Palm painting is healthier for your hair and also is easier to maintain. Your hair will have a natural, sunkissed look. This fantastic hair coloring technique is the every hairstylist’s new favorite.

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