When you think of surf hair, chances are that you’re recalling the craze surrounding this hairstyle around the 90s and early 2000s. However, even though the trend has faded since, this doesn’t make it any less worth getting. The value of this hairstyle comes from the culture surrounding it. Surfer hair is a statement for, well, surfers and everything that they stand for. It’s the equivalent of 80s hippie locks and fashion – a cultural staple.

Whether you’re actually getting ready to surf some sick waves or you just really like the look, you can definitely acquire the surfer look that you’re seeking. And here is how.

3 Tips to Obtain the Surf Hair Effect

#1 Wavy Locks and Maintenance

Assuming you’ve never sported a longish hairstyle before, you’ll definitely need to research how to care for it. This goes both for ladies and gentlemen. In the case of men, the biggest milestone to overcome will certainly be the struggle of itches, tickles, and extra heat. And any woman with long, flowing hair can attest to the fact that untangling, brushing, and drying it is truly a horrifying experience.

Generally speaking, though, you’ll need to keep hair care products nearby at all times in order to keep your hair healthy and strong.

#2 Haircuts and Hairstyles

But you can’t have just any kind of hair. For men, the classic haircut option is the shag. It’s a relatively specific kind of hairstyle, so you really shouldn’t attempt to achieve it at home. Find a salon and show the stylist a picture to make sure that they’re really going to get it right.

Ladies, on the other hand, benefit from the fact that there aren’t any truly specific regulations regarding the hairstyle they’re sporting. It should be around waistline long and as natural-looking as possible, meaning that you’ll have to forget about your flat iron for now.

Speaking of styling…

#3 The Look on the Get-Go

Okay, now you’ve got the hairstyle. What do you do next? Well, surfer hair also has a distinct look and feel to it, so you’ll have to simulate the appearance of a mane soaked in ocean water. Here’s how to do it.

Gentlemen, start by misting your dry hair, stopping before it gets soaked. Put some pomade between your hands, around the size of a dime. Gently work the pomade through your locks, making sure to get even coverage. Scrunch your hair and then mist with their wave spray or salt water. Keep scrunching until you notice it’s starting to become wavy.

Ladies, the process is even simpler for you. Mist your hair with sea salt or wave spray (there are many products to choose from) and then simply start twisting away at your locks. If you’re skilled enough, you can simulate gorgeous beach waves with a flat iron.

Wrapping Up

Yes, getting that surf hair look really is that easy. It’s a simple, raw, and pretty look that’s perfect for those summer vibes. And the best part is that you don’t even need to leap into the ocean or sea for it.