Nutritional Weight and Wellness is the ideal platform for those seeking improvements to their dietary habits. Although their premise centers primarily on nutritional counseling, this isn’t where their services end. The hub opens the door to anyone interested in becoming considerably better informed on the topics of nutrition and wellness. And, in turn, we open the door to the introductory notions regarding this ambitious, health-promoting project.

Nutritional Weight and Wellness: About

The hub offers specific guidance in the arts of nutrition and wellness, catering to your special requirements and needs. Experts collaborating with NWW do more than just offer advice on what should go on your plate. Furthermore, the counseling service aims to help with a myriad of issues, listed on their website as being:

  • Managing a chronic illness.
  • Having fewer aches and pains in your back and/or joints.
  • Having better digestion.
  • Managing anxiety and depression.
  • Conquering eating issues.
  • Losing weight and reving up your metabolism.
  • Increasing energy and well-being.

The sessions are highly accessible, giving the opportunity to those interested to benefit from the counseling via Skype or phone calls.


Since NWW aims to help people switch around their lifestyle, they also provide a number of classes through which you can educate yourself and take control of your newfound nutritional balance. Moreover, some are available online, some only in person, and a few are available both ways.

Some examples of available classes:

  • Nutrition 4 Weight Loss Program: Topic – Losing weight and conquering cravings. Duration – 12 classes + 2 hours of nutritional counseling. Available both online and in person.
  • Weight & Wellness Class Series: Topic – leading a balanced lifestyle, learning about energy conservation and digestion. Duration – 6 classes. Available in person or through a handy weekend seminar series.
  • Gut Reaction: Restore Digestive Health through Nutrition: Topic – restoring the health of your digestive system by knowing what foods are the right ones to eat. Available both in person and online.
  • Going Gluten Free the Healthy Way: Topic – offers handy tips about making the transition to a gluten free diet. Available both in person and online.

If it caught your attention, you can check out the comprehensive and complete list of the platform’s classes by clicking here.

Workplace Wellness

NWW has an entire section specially designated for the employers that want to find the best methods to reduce healthcare costs and stimulate employees. Just like with the normal programs, those interested will find special wellness and nutrition classes for working environments, as well as counseling sessions. Moreover, you can help your employees live a balanced life for higher productivity by letting them undergo the incredibly practical workplace weight loss program.


Even if you don’t necessarily wish to pursue either of their programs, the experts at NWW make their knowledge available to the masses through their blog section. There, you will find everything from tips to testimonies, to practical food recipes, and podcasts that detail the importance of wellness.

Furthermore, they provide self-made products through their sister company, NutriKey.

Wrapping Up

Your lifestyle change can begin today, curtsy of Nutritional Weight and Wellness. Truly, it doesn’t get easier than that, with a haven of opportunities waiting one mere click away.