When it comes to nude nail designs, we know they are the best choice to consider, especially in summer. Just like nude shoes, which are all the rage right now, nude nail designs can work well with any outfit, be it casual or elegant, summer-sassy, or seriously bridal. Are you interested in some nude nails to match all your clothes this summer, all the styles you are experimenting with, and all your moods? Look no further!

1. Nude Light Pink Nails

nude nail designs light pink nail polish

The easiest way to achieve the basis for all your nude nail designs is a nude light pink nail polish. What you need to know is that you have to choose the light pink shade according to your skin tone. The nude light pink polish works best for women with medium or fair complexion undertones. Of course, one-shade-darker nail polish can make your manicure pop without losing its neutral and natural look. This type of manicure is demure and feminine. It works with all the outfits you can think of and makes a fantastic option for your corporate job and low-key party outfits.

2. Light Pink Acrylic Nails with Gel and Swarovski Crystals

nude nail designs light pink acrylic polish swarovski crystals

This manicure means to pop and draw attention, albeit it is neutral enough to suit a business outfit (which lacks other accessories), a colorful summer outfit for the day or a glamorous outfit for a late-night party. You can achieve this nail design with nude gel polish and Swarovski crystals on the ring finger – which also makes you consider it for a wedding party, an engagement cocktail, or a black-tie event.

3. French Natural Transparent Nude Polish with Gems and Glitter

nude nail designs french nude polish

Nothing is more accessible than a simple, feminine, easy-to-achieve French manicure. Get a transparent nail polish that is the closest to your natural skin and nails’ undertones. Pick a white polish for the French design and finish the ensemble with glitter and a delicate gem. The white acrylic tips make your manicure visible, the refined glitter and gems make it stand out discretely, while the nude polish in pink natural hues works well with all your casual, office, or chic outfits.

4. Stiletto Matte Neutral Nails with Nail Art

stiletto nails matte polish

Pick up a soft orange gel polish that matches your skin tone, throw in some glitter and some nail art of your choice and you can dress to impress. While stiletto nails are not the everyday office style, they are trendy for ceremonies, parties, and weddings. However, if you casually wear stiletto manicure, this is one of the best nude nail designs you can think of. You can also give up on the nail art if you do not want to draw too much attention. This manicure works well with more glamorous outfits, but you can pull it off at business meetings as well.

5. Nude Matte Coffin Nails

nude nail designs matte coffin nails

Coffin nails – also known as ballerina nails – need patience and care. They are extremely trendy these days but are not for everyone, as they are vulnerable to plenty of accidents. However, if you love your tapered and squared nails and want nude nails designs, you can try a matte neutral acrylic polish in close-to-white shades. If the color is close to your skin tone, you can wear this design and type of manicure with complex outfits, office attire, or maxi summer dresses.

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