The runways at this New York Fashion Week did not lack color in any way. From the outfits to the hair and finally, to the shoes and nails. Everything was vibrant, happy and invigorating. We’ve seen neon animal prints paired with neon wigs and bold, red, metallic lip colors. We’ve seen orange accents in all shapes, starting from the hair and ending with the nail art. The makeup looks present on the runway showed these same characteristics, with bright eye shadows or multi-colored eyeliners.

When it comes to the nails, the story is exactly the same. For this season, it seems that many nail artists gave up on trying to make nudes fashionable and instead choose to adopt some statement nails paired with mesmerizing effects. And because we know that sometimes it can get hard to follow all those trends at fashion presentations, we’ve made a list of some of the most interesting New York Fashion Week 2018 nail trends. Check them out below, together with the artists that created them!

1.      Techno animal print

It seems that for Jeremy Scott, nail artist Miss Pop drew inspiration from the collection itself and created some incredibly-cool techno animal print patterns on the models’ nails. She used different hues of highlighting shades which went on incredibly well on the nails and most of them were brightly-colored or even neon in some cases. Supermodel Gigi Hadid wore this special nail art for the Jeremy Scott show and was not shy to brag about them whenever she had the opportunity. After all, what was not to show?

2.      The hot Cheeto-colored stilettos

In a similar fashion, nail artist Eda Levenson created some very brightly-colored nails for Chromat. But probably the most impressive nail art was the flaming hot Cheeto-colored stilettos which offered the models an aura of intangibility. Moreover, on top of that bright orange color, she added a very interesting and unexpected checkered pattern which changed the game completely. If you want to try this look at home, you can easily give up on the chess board pattern and only use the bright orange color. It will surely make you the star of any party you might want to attend.

3.      French manicure with a twist

Over at Tanya Taylor and Cushnie at Ochs, nail artist Julie Kandalec experimented with some very bold and expressive French manicures and added an unexpected twist. So, instead of using that classic white tip and clear gloss combination we all know, she used a glittery base coat paired with metallic accents. It looked not only impressive but offered a new and fresh approach when it comes to that classic French manicure which women wear usually when they want to keep it classy. Now, you can add a twist in your daily French manicure by adding some glitter or some metallic accents to it.

To sum it up

So, it seems that the New York Fashion Week 2018 fall shows were full of color that invaded not only the outfits but the accessories, shoes and nails too. But what did you think about them? Did you like these new approaches? How about our New York Fashion Week 2018 nail trends? Will you try them? Let us know!

Image source: pixabay