Negative calorie foods are the perfect snack when you want to lose weight. They are mostly made of water, and they have a low number of calories. Your body will burn more calories to digest them. So, you can say these foods help you get slimmer.

What Are Negative Calorie Foods?

This kind of nourishments will improve your metabolism. They do this by making your body use a higher level of energy while digesting them. This process is called the specific dynamic action, and it is a thermic effect. Negative calorie foods are often used in diets.

So far, no research has proved that these foods have in fact negative calories. Being mostly fruits and vegetables, negative calorie foods are healthy and beneficial for your organism. Specialists recommend a balanced diet. Therefore, you should avoid any excess that might damage your health and well-being.

Top 5 Best Negative Calorie Foods to Consider

broccoli has vitamins and plenty of water

We have put together a detailed negative calorie foods list. If you want to live a healthy life you should take them into consideration, and include them in your daily eating habits.


This is one of the best negative calorie foods because it contains a lot of fibers, and has a high nutritional value. 100 grams of celery have only 20 calories. Celery is known as a good prevention method for severe diseases such as ovarian cancer.


It is a refreshing sweet and sour fruit. It has plenty of water and vitamins. Grapefruit is well-known for its benefits in treating and preventing some conditions such as heart diseases, digestive problems, and more. It helps your metabolism work faster and burn more calories in a shorter period.


Arugula is a magic green leaf. It is good for a lot of healthy recipes, from soups to salads. Arugula is rich in fibers and vitamins, including potassium. Some say it can even boost your romantic life, due to its minerals and antioxidants.


This is one of the most common negative calorie foods. It is a great treat for those of you who have a sweet-tooth. An apple of a medium size usually has around 100 calories. The trick is this: you will need 120 calories to digest an apple. It is a great remedy against high cholesterol.


Not only broccoli, but all cruciferous vegetables are great for when you want to lose weight. They have a lot of fibers as well as vitamin A, C, and calcium. Whether you want to lose some pounds or not, this vegetable is great in fighting high blood pressure and colon cancer.

Putting It All Together

A healthy and balanced life can be obtained when you introduce negative calorie foods in your daily diet. Eating these fruits and vegetables is a great habit that will bring you a lot of benefits. Not only you will lose weight and be fit, but you will also prevent a lot of diseases.

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