There’s been quite the controversy about whether natural oil sunscreen is possible. After all, there are many who argue that oils and sun just don’t go well together. It’s pretty difficult to take the image of frying some eggs on your skin out of this picture.

Luckily, if you’re one of the people who really wish oil sunscreen could provide an alternative to the shelf alternatives, we have good news. As long as you keep in mind the SPF that you need and the SPF of natural oils, you can actually head to the beach with a bottle in your bag!

Here are the natural oils which actually work as protective barriers against the sun.

7 Natural Oil Sunscreen Options

#1 Red Raspberry Seed Oil

SPF: 28 – 50

Red raspberry seed oil is one of the most popular choices in natural sunscreens. It displays properties that make it as effective as titanium dioxide, a compound very commonly found in mineral store sunscreens. The exact SPF you get from it largely depends on the quality of the oil, so if you want maximum protection, seek out organic productions.

#2 Carrot Seed Oil

SPF: 40

Carrots are no longer just for the improvement of your eyesight. Carrot seed oil can reach a SPF level as high as 40 when diluted with carrier oil, helping your skin fend off harmful sun rays. In fact, most products that contain this oil have a naturally high SPF level.

#3 Wheatgerm Oil

SPF: 20

Wheatgerm oil works really well as sunscreen for people who don’t need a SPF higher than 20. More than that, however, this oil is also rich in vitamins, more specifically vitamin E. It also contains compounds that promote regeneration following cellular damage.

#4 Soy Bean Oil

SPF: 10

Although mostly used for cooking in Chinese cuisine, soy bean oil could also serve as a natural means of protection against the sun. Aside from shielding your skin, it also helps add moisture.

#5 Avocado Oil

SPF: 4-10 (can potentially reach 15)

Avocado is already famous for the high amounts of mono-saturated fats found within. The very same mono-saturated fats can form a protective layer around your skin, protecting it from sun damage by inhibiting tanning.

#6 Coconut Oil

SPF: 2-8

Coconut oil is the ‘culprit’ that started this whole debacle on the effectiveness of natural oils as sunscreens. And the truth is, yes, coconut oil can protect you from the sun – as long as you don’t need a SPF higher than 8, obviously.

#7 Olive Oil

SPF: 2-8

Olive oil is a haven of health for your heart, but also for your skin. When going out in the world, slather on some olive oil for limited sun protection. Avoid using it against the blazing sun found in summer, though, seeing how its SPF isn’t high enough to prevent UV damage.

Wrapping Up

In conclusion, you can definitely protect your skin from the damage of sunlight using natural oil sunscreen. Although some of these options can contribute to that, the best prevention is still restraint. So, remember the golden rules: don’t spend too much time in the sun and avoid exposure in the afternoon.