This year is slowly heading towards its end, which means it’s time to ask ourselves what were the best manicures we saw this year. As such, today we are going to have a look at the best nail designs 2017 you must try if you haven’t already.

Shapes of Nail Design 2017

1. Coffin Nail Designs

nail designs 2017

This is a rather new way of doing your nails, and many women seem to love it already. The most popular coffin nail designs 2017 ranged from monochrome to colorful ones. Of course, we must mention that another hit when it comes to acrylic nail designs 2017 is to choose different colors and patterns for some of the nails, like in the picture here.

  • What to wear them with: If you choose to have one single nail of a different color, you get a more special effect if you match that to a different part of your outfit. For example, if you have a glitter nail, go for glitter makeup.
  • Choose them if… You love having strong nails for a longer period and you have a strong character.

2. Square Nail Designs

nail designs 2017

Square nail designs 2017 are also a way to test your creativity. They have become the norm and are preferred by girls who want to stick to traditional shapes. The picture here shows a combination between square nails and an ombre made with white and pink shades. In fact, the best hot pink nail designs 2017 are the square ones.

  • What to wear them with: This style of nails is suitable for casual occasions, a walk in the park or even at the office, every day. Some nude shades or a black and white pattern allows you the freedom to pair them with anything.
  • Choose them if… You don’t want to attract too much attention and want to stay under the radar.

3. Stiletto Nail Designs

nail designs 2017

Number 3 on our list of the best nail designs 2017 are stilettos. No, we’re not referring to the shoes, but the shape of your nails. You will recognize them by their pointy tips and elongated shape. They can be quite sharp, so they’re not a good choice if you’re clumsy. The pointy form matches shiny patterns, rather than matte. You can even combine them with some of the butterfly nail designs 2017 for an extra touch.

  • What to wear them with: Stiletto nail designs work best with stiletto shoes, obviously. Add some glitter and shine for a fully glamorous effect. Some red or dark lipstick will add to the overall look of a diva.
  • Choose them if… You want to impress at a special event you have coming up.

4. Short Nail Designs

nail designs 2017

Even though the general tendency with the nail designs 2017 was to have nails as long as possible, we shouldn’t forget about small nail designs either. Nail designs for short nails 2017 usually go with lighter shades, though you can choose strong colors as well. The image here shows a discreet nude design with some horizontal lines.

  • What to match them with: Since they’re simple and cute, they can go with almost any outfit. They’re suitable for school or college, as well as work since they don’t stand out.
  • Choose them if… You’re too young to sport strong nail designs where you study or work. Moreover, they’re a good choice if you have an outfit in strong colors for the day.


5. Cute Pink Nail Designs

nail designs 2017

Pink has always been a color that designates optimism and positive thinking. As such, cute pink nail designs have been trending this year as well. The best part about pink is that certain shades can be rather elegant, especially if you combine them with glitter, like in this example. At the same time, pairing them with strong colors can help you achieve a more dramatic look.

  • What to wear them with: Similar pastel colors clothes for an innocent look. They also work with black or purple, for instance, for a crazy nail look.
  • Choose them if… You feel relaxed and have good intentions. Pink is usually associated with innocence.

6. Nude Nail Designs

nail designs 2017

Even though they were loved before as well, nude nail designs have reached a peak of popularity in 2017. You can’t talk about nail designs 2017 without mentioning this option. They are perfect for any outfit and are as lowkey as possible.

  • What to wear them with: Literally anything in your wardrobe matches nude nails. With some glitter, they can work with a glamorous outfit and look. Meanwhile, darker colors make them appear colder.
  • Choose them if… You need to take a break from strong colors or you’re out of ideas when it comes to nail designs 2017.

7. Black Nail Art Designs

nail designs 2017

Black nail art designs are a hit among girls who love darker shades. They can be a style statement and are suitable for a huge array of events and occasions. They work both on the short and the long nail designs 2017, so you can pair them with any shape mentioned above.

  • What to match them with: Dark, rock, punk outfits. Shiny black nails work better with elegant outfits, while matte ones are suitable for an urban look.
  • Choose them if… You have a strong character and want to show that to everyone. Moreover, they can help you express your music taste, with the right pattern on them.


8. Gold Nail Art Designs

nail designs 2017

Moving on to patterns, we need to include the gold nail art designs on the list with the best nail designs 2017. Slightly less popular in 2016, gold has made an impressive appearance, breaking the charts this year. This style works for almost any kind of nail shape and it’s a good match for plenty other colors. Here you have an example of a French manicure mixed with some gold elements.

  • What to match it with: Naturally, gold is best suited for elegant outfits and looks. If you choose such a manicure, you should tone down the rest of your outfit, otherwise, it will be too much.
  • Choose them if… You want to sport the highest level of elegance you can, either for a special event or for your day-to-day look.

9. Nail Designs with Rhinestones

nail designs 2017

Rhinestones are another element that broke all the records, so nail designs with rhinestones are a great option this year. One or two of these gorgeous details can be applied on various nails. However, for a more impressive look, you can fill up an entire nail.

  • What to wear them with: This type of nail design can match almost any outfit. However, it’s best to use them if you want to up your regular manicure look.
  • Choose them if… You’re bored of a plain manicure and want to look differently.

10. French Tip Nail Designs

nail designs 2017

Some say French tip nail designs for short nails are the best. However, you can use this pattern for long nails as well. The best thing is that they’re a simple base on which you can further add elements. This example shows black lines and small shiny elements to complete the final look.

  • What to match them with: This is another one of the best French nail designs 2017 that work with anything. Make them simple, elegant, or turn them into a nail statement.
  • Choose them if… You want to go for something classic and traditional.

11. Nail Dot Designs

nail designs 2017

Slowly getting towards the end of our list of nail designs 2017, we must make a mention of the nail dot designs. Polka dot patterns have been trending ever since the 1950s and you must admit they never go out of style. The best part is that you can combine any colors or shades.

  • What to wear them with: They work best with simple outfits if you want to attract attention to your nails. However, you can choose one other clothing item that matches your nail pattern.
  • Choose them if… You want to mix something stylish with a traditional pattern and to make people notice your nails.

12. Birthday Nail Designs

nail designs 2017

A special type of nail designs 2017 are the birthday nail designs. If you want to feel special on your birthday or simply make a regular day feel like you’re the most important one, this is the thing to choose. This model shows the birth year written on two of the nails, with an elegant pattern on the others.

  • What to wear them with: They are perfect for matching your birthday suit and other elegant clothes you may have chosen for this occasion.
  • Choose them if… It’s your birthday or you have another reason to party!

13. Feather Nail Designs

nail designs 2017

Our last entry on the list with the best nail art design 2017 is occupied by the feather nail designs. They can test your creativity and you can combine them in the craziest ways ever.

  • What to match them with: earrings that contain feathers, similar bird or feather patterns.
  • Choose them if… You love nature and want to express that through your nails.


The nail designs presented above are the best ones you can wear in 2017. Luckily, there is a huge array of options available for you, so you can never run out of ideas. Just make sure you choose what fits best the occasion, your style or mood.

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