A nail dehydrator is an important element when you apply acrylic nails. It prepares your nails for the acrylic, by balancing their pH level. A perfect manicure starts with the proper preparation. Below, you will find more details about what a nail dehydrator really is and how you can use it. Also, we have created a short and concise comparison between this product and a nail primer.

What Is a Nail Dehydrator?

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A nail dehydrator is a product that should be applied on your nails prior to adding acrylic. It can be used with all types of nail enhancements and it helps promote adhesion. It works miracles, especially on those clients’ nails which are prone to lifting. [easyazon_link identifier=”B005UHS46U” locale=”US” tag=”beautifu0f2-20″]This product[/easyazon_link] removes your natural nails’ oil surface so that other products that need to be applied on them will stick better.

Nail Dehydrator’s Use

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This product comes in a small bottle with a tiny brush. The liquid is transparent. You can even purchase an entire acrylic nails kit, which usually contains a nail dehydrator or a primer. This particular product is quite thin and will evaporate quickly. You should apply it only to your natural nails and use small amounts of it. Never apply it after you have created the acrylic shape.

Wait a couple of seconds until the dehydrator evaporates, then apply the primer. As I previously said, the nail dehydrator evaporates very fast. Therefore, make sure to close the bottle’s cap tightly.

The Difference Between a Nail Dehydrator and a Nail Primer

nail dehydrator

The nail dehydrator must be applied on your natural nails, without having any other products or nail polish on them. It dissolves your nails’ natural oils which help the other enhancement products to stick better on your nails’ surface. This way, whatever you apply on your nails will stick better.

A nail primer is also applied on an unpolished nail. It represents the first layer or the base coat on which you will apply artificial enhancements or nail polish. This way, your nails will gain a rougher surface and the nail polish will adhere easier. Besides this, it also protects your nails from products’ chemicals and forms a chemical bond between the products and your nails. It is a way to prolong your manicure’s life.

Most primers contain dehydrating ingredients which are why you can apply them on your nails without even using a nail dehydrator. However, with a dehydrator, your manicure will last longer.

Wrapping It Up

Whenever you want acrylic nails, an important step of the process is using a nail dehydrator. It will remove the oil from your natural nails, leaving them prepped for the enhancement products, including the acrylic or nail polish. If your nails are prone to chronic lifting, you should apply this product twice before using the acrylic.

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